First Time Here

Hello everyone, this is my first post, im new to this.
I am a 62 year old widow and was diagnosed 5 years ago with Parkinsons.
I have always been so active and still find it hard to accept this awful disease.
I have read some of your posts and find them an inspiration. My daughter told me to go on line and join in this forum and glad I finally have.
Im sure we can all gain strength from each other.
Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hello',
From B.
Stardust, I am so pleased that you have joined us. Your daughter deserves a sweetie! I agree with you - it is so difficult to accept that things you once found easy to do are now so difficult if not impossible. It seems that the trick is to find a way around the problem, or look for an alternative
I have no doubt that you will find the information, support & friendship available on this forum as valuable as I have done, and that your contribution can only add to it
With my best wishes
Welcome Stardust, hope you enjoy your time on this forum.

Radz xx
Welcome, Stardust. You won't regret joining the forum. As well as being a mine of information, it also gives you a lot to ponder.

Best wishes.
Hi Stardust

I am Caroline, welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed in March this year so am still very independent and working but noticing changes all the time, this is a scary condition but there are some great people on this site to provide help and support with whatever you need.

Hope you enjoy it

Hi Stardust
Welcome to the forum lots of good people on here with excellent advice,
take care from PB .
Hi Stardust and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will find this the best place to gain help and advice and just to chat if you want. Take care, Pebble
Hi Stardust, welcome aboard!

I'm Ray, 61, from East Yorkshire. Was diagnosed PD in 2000, but with hindsight can recognise symptoms going right back to the age of about 20, in 1970.

I'm sure you'll find it useful to join us. Lots of us have sleep problems, so there's usually someone here around the clock. You can research specific queries by looking back at past forum posts, raise new issues for discussion, pop in just for a natter or to play some of the games, or seek a shoulder to cry on if you have a problem or are simply feeling down and need a bit of support.

Alternatively you may want to post a poem or just give an opinion. Whatever your mood, you've got it here!

Hope to see you around.
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for all your lovely replies, I wish I had done this some time ago..
It's nice to know there is friendly, helpful advice from people that are in the same boat, as I often feel alone.
Thank you all so much, will be in touch again soon. Hope you all have a lovely day.
Best wishes, Stardust.
Hi Stardust,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure you'll find it very useful as well as inspiring.

Best wishes,
hello stardust, welcome to the forum we are all here to support each other, if you need to talk or just want advice we are here for you look forward to speaking to you, sue.
hiya stardust welcome to the forum ,love ur forum name by the way:smile:there is lot of surport on here and good friends to give advice and have a good chin wag with to in the cafe on social thread,hope u enjoy ur self stardust as well as get all the surport u may require:smile:im ali by the way ,im 42 bin dx 10 years ,see u around x:smile:
hello everyone, Today is my first time on this, I'm nervous and lack confidence in myself.I am a 51 yr old pd patient diagnosed about a year ago,since then I don't think the reality of this has sunk in yet.I try and read as much as I can about pd but often get upset, but then I tell myself that I'm not alone, especially now that I have found you all,,, I did introduce myself but I think it's in the wrong bit!!
Hello nene and a big welcome to the forum. I am 54 and was 48 when told I had PD. At the time of diagnosis I did not cope very well, devastated, but one can not change things so have to accept it.
Good people on the forum with excellent advice. Hope you join us in the cafe for a chat sometime, all the best.
take care nene from PB
Thanks Posh Bird, am so glad to have found this site,I know for sure am not alone now,that itself will help me, hopefully I can be of use to others as well.
Hi Nene, and welcome, I don't have PD but live with an auto immume disease and like yourself I was floored when told there was no cure. In fact I was told I had about 12 mths to live but thank God that was 12 years ago and I am still going and grumbling.

The guys and girls here are wonderful people and will answer all the questions you may have.

Good luck and God bless you.

Radz xx
Hi Nene

welcome to the forum.You have found lots of new friends on this site who will offer support when you need it,

Look forward to chatting with you

Welcome Stardust and Nene. I think you will enjoy using the forum, not least because you will see that you are not alone. We're all in the same boat but the more rowers we have the better.

And you will also be able to savour my delicious wit!!!
I am a 64 year old male. Had PD for 4 years (at least). The joys of my life are my grandkids (5 of them)

Look forward to hearing from you both. Keep posting!

Welcome Nene!

I'm sure you'll find this forum useful. Nothing better than talking to real people with PD and not reading things in some textbook.

When mum got diagnosed (well actually before that!) I did a lot of reading about PD. I have many websites bookmarked that provide useful informaton about PD and real life stories! I'll go over them again and if I still think they is useful, I will share then with you.

Best wishes,