First time iv been inthe forum?

:flushed:i need help .lol.......sorry

Hi bert
Welcome to the forum. you have come to the right place for support and advice. Feel free to chat and hope we can help with any concerns that you may have
take care from PB

Hi=Bert Don't be afraid to open up because everyone understands and suffers in so many different ways.
My husband has been diagnosed for 5 years but looking back he has obviously unknowingly been living alongside Parkinsons for many years .
Don't give up on any medication you often don't see that much difference for quite some time .

Welcome Bert,

Sorry you have reason to be here, but glad you found people to reach out to for help. Have found posting, interacting with other PWP, to be very comforting and reassuring. Life does go on. Please share here and ask all the questions you need to, people will be glad to listen and share knowledge. Best wishes, Lin2

Hi Bert! Welcome to the Forum, - I'm a newbie as well, but I hope to join in with any advice I could give anyone, as I would welcome opinions on problems myself. I first noticed a tremor in 2003, but I wasn't diagnosed until 2005. How about you? Have you a local support group? We have, and I find it a help to mix with others who have the same problems.

A very warm welcome bert. I think I may have "spoken" to you before? You will, I hope , find forum members supportive, & generous with their information gained from experience. And never say sorry for needing help
My very best wishes

Hi Bert and welcome! If ever you are in need of a bit of cheering up just log on to Creative Corner or Social Club. Always try to stay cheerful. I know Parkinson's may not seem like a suitable subject for humour but I think that sometimes it helps to be able laugh at yourself.

Do keep in touch. :wink:

Hi Bert
I was dx last Oct and have found hard,but the forum and people on it have been a great help.
I dont post often, but just reading everybody else threads is a big help, and I have recently contacted
the helpline about my meds etc and found it really useful.

all the best Adrian

hiya bert ,and also to poolie 1847 ,there is alot of surport on the forum and good friends to be made here:smile:,im ali i bin dx 11years in nov,im 42,i hope to see u both around the forum ,pop in the cafe in the social thread for a cuppa and a chat,all welcome and we have a laugh ,keep smilin folks xx:smile:


welcome home. we have a knack of understanding coz we've been there.

this is the first forum i have tryed can but try .can do with knowing their are people to talk to

this is the first forum i have tryed can but try .can do with knowing their are people to talk to

Hello Opalsdiamond, Welcome to the forum, you have no need to worry, there are always plenty of people to chat and share information with. Do let us know a little about yourself. Kind regards, Butterfly.

Hi opalsdiamond and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of people to talk to as there is usually someone around no matter the time. You will also find support from others who will be willing to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

The social pages are where most people meet to chat and play word games. Take a look and please join in.