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Im 55 years old and have been diagnosed in Oct 10, after 5 years of being ping ponged around hospital departments. So finally being told I had PD was a relief. Is that normal, I had begun to think I was imaging things, now I am stable in Madopar and Ropinerol, and am still working at an Engineering factory, with the help of my Co workers. life is not easy but I am making the most of it. Thanks to Parkinsons Uk for their help.
Welcome to the forum Cocney Girl. You will find lots of help here. You ask if its normal to feel relief at your diagnosis. I believe it is and think you will find lots of pwp on here who will feel the same.

Best wishes and keep posting.

Hi cocney girl
A warm welcome to you on joining the forum. Its a great place to catch up on the experiences of other forum members. You will find that they are a great bunch of people either suffering from, or affected in one way or another, with the black hearted pd.
Like you, I found it a relief to know what was causing the problems I was experiencing. Later I done some serious thinking and was determined not to let it get me down. So far so good. As you know pd and its medication effects people in different ways. I hope that it is not too long before the neuro finds the correct medication for you.
Look after yourself

Hello and welcome.

I was dx April 2012, following a DAT scan and CT Scan. Commenced on Requip xl which seems to be working for me, just recently though have been suffering from swollen ankles, but have appt with Consultant 29th January, in the meantime I keep legs elevated when possible and wear flight socks. I still work full time as in healthcare must say I have very supportive colleagues. I am 52

Hope to see you around the forum very useful place to share experiences. :smile:
Thank you for your reply's I to have now begun to have swollen legs, but the meds mean I can walk, a bit and I now have an electric buggy to help with getting to work as I do not drive. I was always on the go and loved to walk, so this part of PD has hit me hard but I gave myself a talking to and my buggy is now my legs. I have been reading some of the other messages on the forum and have realized that I am not alone.