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I am an 80 year old male and was Diagnosed with PK in July 2011. I have also been suffering with other problems such as Knee Arthritis, Angina, Pulmonary Fibrosis. I was also Diagnosed in September 2010 with Depression and Acute Anxiety. Later I started having a tremor in my right arm and right leg my GP referred me to a neurologist and was informed that I had PK. My GP informed me that suffering from Depression can be the first sign leading to PK.
Regards to all
Welcome Sparks,
As you will have seen from other threads on this forum depression is a frequent sidekick to Parkinson's. In my case PD was diagnose first and anxiety & depression later but its not uncommon to find them the way you did.
I hope you find the forum as supportive as I have done.

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Dear sparks,
It does sound like you have an awful lot to cope with. Maybe it would be a good idea to prioritise? If your depression is your main concern, perhaps you could ask your GP about counselling or medication.? All your difficulties are no doubt intertwined so maybe tackling one thing at a time might be the right way to go?
I wish you the the very best
hiya sparks welcome to the forum:smile:im ali ive been dx for 11 years this november,im 42,there is alot of surport and good friends to be made on this forum ,i hope to see u around the threads x:smile:
Hello Sparks . My husband is 77 .. Although only diagnosed about 5 years ago he has struggled with a lot of the symptons for many years , unbeknown to him .

Similarly to you he has sinced been diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation the symptons of this we had put down to stress /anxiety .. Eighteen months ago he had an op on his knee a patello femoral replacement .. Although helpful it has not completely been successful

U nfortunately this problem is in his left knee which he has needed to support the right sided Parkinsons ( Chicken egg syndrome )lol/

Hope you find this site as helpful as I do .
Thanks to all of you for your kind messages. I am sure I will gain from all your help
Best wishes to all of you.
I am wondering if anybody out there has Parkinsons due to a liver problem.

My husband is 61 and has an inherited genetic problem that causes liver disease. This in turn leads to toxins circulating the body which causes something called Hepatic encephalopathy. His is unusual in that it has caused the Parkinsons.

I am trying to find somebody else who undertsands this problem
Welcome to the forum, I hope you get some answers to your problems