Flushed and spotty

Does anyone suffer with complexion issues?

I generally looked "flushed" (I'd think I'd been drinking if I saw me in the street), and I haven't had so many spots since I was a teenager - not sure if it's just part of the deal for us, or whether it's Sinemet related.

Does nothing for the self-esteem, but wondered if anyone had similar experience and ideas for coping.

Hello Drewster

Would it be something like seborrhoeic dermatitis? It comes more often with PD.  I have this.

If it is this, I haven't found anything that totally sorts it,  but these helped a bit.

Hot wet facecloth held against it once or twice a day. Saltwater helps too. 

Haemorroid cream take down the redness and spots and swelling but seems to cause rebound problem. Some people say any cream or oil will do that because it feeds the yeast bugs that've built up. (normal to have yeast on skin, it just takes over a bit in seb derm)

Thrush cream helps briefly, but not comfy with safety of using antifungals on my face.

Calendula tincture topically. But that much alcohol on the skin not great daily and longterm. 

Comfrey ointment left on over night. Helps a lot but then causes the same rebound problem.

When I had fresh nettle tops in a stir fry I was totally clear of it for nearly two weeks. So I'm using nettle tea. Helps a bit but not as good.

Acidophilus capsules help a little bit

Worse from too much sugar, simple carbs, alcohol and bread in the last few days,and worse from too little sleep and when other parky probs worse.

Would be good to hear other folks ideas on what works


Hi Drewster and Rhubarb,

We have a page on skin care for people with Parkinson's here: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/skin-and-sweating-problems-parkinsons-information-sheet. It has suggestions on how to deal with symptoms that are experienced by people with Parkinson's.

It is also a good idea to get in touch with a dermatologist. You can find information on the British Association of Dermatologists in the page that I linked above.

All the best, and please let us know how you get on,


Moderation Team.