Flying with meds

I have a chance to travel to Jordan but I am worried about my meds. I want to carry them in my handbaaggage because Im afraid as it is not a ddirect flight they may be lost. Most of them are tablets, but I am on rotigitie patches and they have to be kept cool. I have got a cooler pouch similar to one used by diabetics to carry their meds. It has an inner pouch with crytals that on be wetted expand and forma a cool gel which keeps my patches cool.....will I be allowed ot take this on the flight and if so what documentation do i need. There are two flightts, with a 4 hr gap at the airport inbetween. Can anyoen advise Iam really worried about it..

I think it best to contact your airline for advice whether coolers are admitted on flights. They may be able to refrigerate your meds for you during the flight.

This is copied and pasted from a past posting on this forum under the heading Rotigotine Patches

Posted - 17 Jan 2013 21:44
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Just wanted to share some information which may be useful to others travelling and using rotigotine patches.
I asked my parkinsons nurse if she knew any way of keeping then cool when unable to refrigerate. She immediately contacted the rep who informed her that if kept out of direct sunlight they could be kept out of the fridge for 7 days and then put back into the fridge!
I was so pleased to learn this and wanted to share this with other users

You may of course want to double check this information. My PD nurse told me that they are bringing out some rotigone patches as from September which do not have to be sotred in the fridge.