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PARKINSON a cureless brain affecting disease that disturbed & created suffering to 10th of million people in the world is now found to be curable illness.
The cause of PARKINSON in human being is when an invisible evil spirited SATAN & his family enters the internal human body & takes possession on him/her dwell inside the victim till his/her death time.
In Yemen where I am living there are more than 7000 PARKINSON victims, a religious clergy man have cured thousands of victims by baptizing & let them drink a sacred water for 25~30 days time including reading a KORANIC version in front of the victim each day for one hour abducting & splitting the SATAN & his family from human body, when this process finished the victim is cured completely & forever. I had been a PARKINSON victim from 2006 & cured recently after I meet this clergy man,
BELIVE IT OR NOT I am cured in the hand of the clergy man like thousand. Thanks to GOD
Interested can contact me directly to give you more information
Mohammed N Phleem
Tel. +967-733618565
E- Mail :- [email protected]
i am not surprised to read this, but i am surprised to see no replys...
does nobody have any thoughts on this??? i dont intend to offend but i belive in freedom of speach, now im a christian and i know the lord, so when im clearly told a theory that im possessed by satan himself, waee youll hear me scoff....
from the compleatly non-beifer is it not strange that how many ??7000 peoplr where you are hav parkinsons, ???? whats that all about ??? then satan and his family.....hellooo -family ??satan doesnt have any family,and he takes possession,, we are not possessed we are ill....sacred water??? why whos blessed it,wwhat makes it so powerful, and the koran reading...gunesh,elephant, muslim wwhy is a clergy man healing supposbly thro the power of god, so whos he following again ??
now asiide those i said im a christian, and i love the lord and he loves me, i am his and the only spirit i have in my life is his holy spirit, i do belive in evil spirits and that they work against gods people, ialso know we have the grace andpower of jesus to stand against them. ,i also belive god hass the power to heal, but franky i do not belive thisat allwhat a load of croc,

possibly this post is just a example of folkk talk, however im glad i have freedom of thoughts speach and belif to post my opion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
from nicky
yep a load of B*******, needs deleting, that's where it belongs! I've reported it.