Forgotten meds

I've come away for one night and forgotten to bring my meds with me - I take 12mg Ropinirol at 7am every morning. Do I take my missed dose when I get home tonight at around 7pm, or do I miss it all together? Thanks for any help.
i'd phone the pd helpline to check. but if you cant get thru i take it they are in 8 and 4 mg doses?
i'd take the 4mg when you got home then carry as normal in the morning. if you are feeling very bad you might want to take the 8. normally your body will have used up at least half of it by 7pm so you should be close to normal.
Thanks turnip, that seems like good advice. In a way I'm interested to see what happens on one day without meds as I'm not convinced they make that much difference. Maybe I will have a 'nausea-free' day for once!