Found out yesterday

I'm just recovering from a Stem Cell Transplant because I have CLL
cancer, and yesterday I found out that I have Parkinsons. Dam, It is hard keeping up a good attitude. I guess there is a lot to learn about how to deal with this. I guess I'm still in shock.
Mike from Coupeville, WA USA
Welcome choco to P'UK we have another member here from USA so you will have a least one person from your country to chat with. Our members are from all over the world I am sure they will all welcome you with open arms. Keep posting and someone will be here to answer your questions of which I am certain you have many going around in your head.

Hope to bump into you again, all the very best to you and yours
Radz x
Hi Choco :grin: Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your news :frowning: You certainly do have a lot to take on board, but as Radz has already said you'll find a sympathetic and often informative ear here. PD has no boundaries so neither do we. It's been 4yrs since my dx and I'm still doing relatively well! I only started medication just over 12 months ago (my choice) I guess you may visit the site at strange times but as many of us are 'creatures of the night' you will usually find someone logged in. Good luck to you and I hope we speak again soon :sunglasses: