Freezing (Not The Weather)


Not on any meds yet. I’m experiencing what I think is Freezing. If I’m stood up stationary and go to turn and walk away, my right foot stays planted to the ground, it only lasts a second before my brain catches up.

Is this Freezing? I thought it was more severe and affected the whole walking mechanism not just a foot.


Hi jonjoe I have recently had 2 falls when getting up from chair put my right foot forward to walk and left remained planted as my balance is not good I fell it only felt like a second my pd nurse and neurologist said it is likely to be start of freezing my auntie used to suffer most of her body freezing sometimes so just praying I don’t get that bad hopefully you won’t either

Hi, yes it sounds like I used to suffer when my meds wore off. I could feel it coming on & it wasn’t pleasant & terrifying when I was out alone. I had to phone my daughter to come & meet me once as I literally couldn’t move & for a 6’2 bloke who was used to looking after other people was to say the least hard to take in. I haven’t experienced freezing since my DBS op & a change of meds thankfully. The worst thing was losing confidence & not being able to keep appointments but I’m more confident now & out & about. Ask your pd nurse or neurologist whether a change of meds might help?