Friends in france

I have PD and live in France, I think I am receiving good care, but would like to hear from anyone else who live in France to compare notes.

I see that in the Uk there are PD nurses who seem to do an excellent job and there does not seem to be anything similar here.

Hello and welcome to the UK PD Forum, I am not French but maybe there are some French people here I don't know but if there are I am sure they will make themselves know to you.

I went searching for info for you and came up with

EPDA member organisation in France Association France Parkinson
4, Avenue du Colonel Bonnet
75016 Paris

telephone +33 (0)1 45 20 22 20 +33 (0)1 45 20 22 20

facsimile +33 (0)1 40 50 16 44
e-mail [email protected]


Perhaps you already know of this site.....if not maybe you could have a look on their web site.

All the best to you, take care

Radz x
Tres bien, Mme Radz. Vous parlez bon le Francais. Vous visitez notre belle pay dans votre vacances cet annee? J'adore les huitres de France; aussi du vin et du Cognac. Et vous?

Au revoir!
I have no acquaintances in France, she would make an ideal place to move to.

If your treatment is even moderately adequate, please let me know.

I don't parle french at all, so it would be complete isolation, with wine on draught, plumbed straight into the maison.

Ahh, I can smell ... oh I forgot, I can't.
Hello, I have been living in France for past two years, am 62 diagnosed at 57. I presume you are English speaking like me. I live in Ain district near Jura and on the Rhone. I am pleased with my care athough no PD nurse. If you wish, you can send me a private email and we can compare the services offered. I get plenty of physiotherapy and GP and Neurologue are very positive and helpful. See Neuro every 3-6 months, but can phone him any time.
There you are djjkeriffe, I told you someone would come to your aid. They really are a wonderful bunch of people here:grin: