Funny hairdresser


Hi everyone this topic has been created to welcome Angela hopefully back to the forum.
Angela has PD and IBS and may have some issues talking on a public forum if you think you can be of any help to her may I please encourage you to contact her by PM .
Angela is social media savvy and believes the forum should be like WhatsApp I myself have no idea what that is me being a complete luddite so that’s something for the forum creators to look at.
She spoke to me by text and said she would happily join in if we created a new topic.
I’m not on any personal crusade here I just want you to contact her once she has posted her first item on the forum .
She has only just found the courage to tell her boss about the PD and was surprised to hear that someone in his family suffered the same and was surprisingly supportive.
Angela is a hairdresser by trade and has a shaky hand until the meds have kicked in it brings a whole new meaning to having your ears lowered she would find that funny as she has a great sense of humour and has a great deal to add to our forum so please welcome her to our gang as we all need each other as I have already stated there’s nothing personal in this it’s just another one of us wanting to belong I have no idea when she’ll put her first post on but I’m positive that she will be a valuable asset to our forum


Hello sweet pea, what an introduction… Hello all, I’m Angela ( takes a curtsy)… Any fellow hairdressers out there ??? And tommy darling, I doubt your that much of a Luddite !!! Xxx


Well if not luddite then dinosaur then.
However I was ejjukatid at Eton college . WELCOME BACK FUNNY GIRL TOMMYX


Hi Angela

I’ve had PD for 5 years now I’m 59 and had to take early retirement as I could not do my job anymore.

I’m loving this weather as in Scotland we don’t usually see so much sunshine.
Enjoy the forum.!!!
Best wishes


Morning Poshwood it’s tapps aff werra again hope you are well and Mr Poshwood is ready for the big match with his three lions shirt
I myself now have a shirt to wear for the match it has three lines on it now as I stumbled into a freshly painted fence but however if I sing the song fast enough it sounds just the same tell Phil good luck for today. Tommyx


Well I’m certainly no callin you sweet pea.

I don’t like that kind of stuff doesnt ring true to me.

You have a good day YERSEL ma wee cronie and LANG MAY YER LUM REEK.



I guess it’s cause your old Tommy!!! Xxx


Ha. Ha gonyersel hen hivagidyin
But I am a wee sweetie really
It’s better than a daffodil eh?

Catchyeeffter maweecronie yoocawmewhityelikehen
Within reason for a lady of course
My vocabulary is under monumental
strain to even articulate a term of endearment that encapsulates your wonderful magnificence have a beautiful day posh TOMMY. :pill: X


Thanks for that funny girl
Remind (coz I’m old) to return the compliment some day oh you girls really do stick together and me being so vulnerable to .
Anyway I hope you are able to enjoy some of the wonderful weather later
You both can try as hard as you like but I refuse to bite . catch you later poppet . TOMMY :pill::crab: XXX


Hi babs, I was diagnosed back in March, still trying to get my head round it !!? Xxx


Hey funny girl.
I was sent to the supermarket today
for some fresh sour cream now can you please explain how that makes sense ços it’s blown my brain
Tommy XX


Well you don’t want sour sour cream that would taste awful !!! Xxx


Hello Angela, just joining in the banter for no good reason other than I can. I am 69’ diagnosed xmas 2017. I have good days and bad , but hey ho, got to push on, I go on here almost every day, don’t post much, maybe I am too boring, but it does cheer me up to take part if only virtually . I stalk Keith as his posts are so positive . That’s what we all need… positivity. Have the best day you can…


What Angela
Surely it’s at the very least an oxymoron .
How can fresh cream be sour?
That makes absolutely no sense or am I the moron I am aware I take meds but this has the potential to put me in a padded cell.LOL TOMMY X :pill:


Hi Sue chunk
I’m pretty positive you’re far from boring and I’m glad you’re joining in .
Can you please explain to me the point of fresh sour cream it’s driving me nuts and it surely is more important than stalking Kieth LOL TOMMY :pill: X


Morning Tommy.

Not a very good chat up line.!!!Lol Sour cream?

How’s you this morning pal.?


Good morning Babswood I hope you are well.
Anyway it’s not a chat up line by the law of averages there must be a food scientist on the forum who can answer this conundrum cos that’s what it is.
Anyway you know my brain needs rewiring it’s just the kind of things that trouble me .
A bit like why did kamikaze pilots bother to wear crash helmets
LOL TOMMY :pill::pill: XX


Oops wrong post.


Fresh sour cream, hmmmm … I think the way forward is to squeeze a bit of lemon juice into some fresh cream then you have the best of both worlds…
But I like stalking Keith !!!
Virtual hug coming to all who want one (such a flirt )
Sue xx


Where are you funny girl I could do with cheering up.
Hope you are getting good advice through PM and finding some comfort on the forum TOMMY XX