Getting medication on time - tell us your story

Has your Parkinson’s been made worse because you didn’t get your medication on time in hospital or a care home? Or have you seen a loved one go through this? Help us promote Parkinson’s Awareness Week by telling your story. Contact our media team on 020 7963 9370 or [email protected]

rang my ologists secretary 9/4/ 2014 left a message medication wearing off nothing so left it until about the 20/5/2014.
rang my ologists secretary told her i rang before left a message medication wearing off takes four hours and three tablets before they start working.
nothing so getting desperate went to GP and surprisingly increased dosage from 6 salevo to 8 a day that lasted less than a week didn't work.
so went back to GP gets a bigger surprise back to 6 stalevo but I'm from I'm due to desperation as i get a copy of a letter on the 9/6/2014 sent to the Parkinsons nurse dated 3/6/204 to see me about apomorphine so wondering why i had not received a phone call from her so i rang her left a message on the answering machine.
so about 10 phone calls later I'm thinking i she on holiday so i ring my ologists secretary and say is the Parkinsons nurse off i don't know so she rings that department comes back to me yes shes on leave until the 31/6/2014.
so been trying for best part of three months to get medication changed no one knows a nurse can be off for a month without being covered to some degree just as well the magic pills are working for now or i would be in serious trouble.