Getting the Needle


Decided at last and booked my self in for some Acupunture tomorrow, nothing ventured nothing gained, or in this case no pain no gain mr green

Any else tried Acupuncture and did it help ?

I'll keep you posted  with feedback big grin


Appointment was cancelled but booked again for next week, in the meantime I have a TeNs machine arriving this morning idea


Hi Kyloe.

I personally haven't tried acupuncture but I have been reading a lot lately about people with sciatica (which i am currently suffering from) who have had quite beneficial results with it, so I would definitely  consider it. Are you paying for it privately? I will be interested to hear how you get on.

I tried a TENS machine when I was in labour with my son 18 years ago, but to be honest it wasn't very effective  -  if anything, I found it more painful than the pain it was supposed to be relieving!  But I've spoken to people who say that it really worked for them, so "each to their own"!

All the best with both courses of treatment, anyway.  smile


I have a TENS machine but I didn't really find it much help.  I have also tried Reflexology but that was a non starter because of tender, swollen feet.  Reiki was good for me; I only stopped because the person who did it moved away and I think you have to have faith in the person who does it.  Anything that leaves you with a feeling of 'well-being' or even just calm, is worth doing again.

I do have Acupuncture which I find I usually benefit from for a couple of days to a week, and then the pain/discomfort comes back, but to have the respite is great - I'm having another session on Wednesday.  Also, I find if you are coping with other major stresses, that too can negate any benefit.  It's interesting because if I am experiencing involuntary movements, by the time the second needle goes in, it suddenly stops, as though someone has flicked a switch - amazing.  I don't suffer from tremor so I don't know whether the same thing would happen.  At £40 a session it isn't cheap - but, hey, I'm worth it!



Hi SJ,

My tens machine only arrived yesterday so I'm still reading the instructions as it's quite complex. I opted for one that also has E.M.S, Microcurrent stimulation, and Interferential, giving me a much more choice over type of treatment .

its clear that it doesn't  work for everyone, but also it's clear that adjustment of both strength of pulse and placement of electrode should be tried and altered if at first you don't feel any reduction in pain.

The micro current mode looks very interesting.

I don't know yet what my acupuncture is going to cost but of course your worth it, we all are big grin


Hi Kyloe

It's a few years ago that I bought my TENS machine so I admit to being blinded by science with the description of the one you have.  I sincerely hope it gives you some relief, and soon.  Good luck with it, and if you try acupuncture, best of luck with that too.