Glass half full

I always thought that the level of liquid equidistant between the bottom and top of a glass was a glass half empty. However, for the glass to get into a half empty state it must first be filled at least half way. Therefore, any glass with equidistant levels of liquid is first a glass half full.

I faced a glass half full/half empty situation today when my consultant laid out the possible interventions to tackle my Parkinson’s. It went something like this: “Current levels of medication aren’t working so we’ll increase the dose; if that doesn’t work we’ll try a duodopa pump which administers levadopa directly into the intestine; if that doesn’t work we’ll stick electrodes in your brain…” With my glass half empty mentality I could feel myself ticking off and using up the options as fallible steps towards being totally unprotected from the onslaught of Parkinson’s. But, a glass half empty is first a glass half full so the options are worth their weight in gold as something I can try, which is better than laying down and letting the Parkinson’s tide wash over me...

dr jonny

If I were being negative I'd say the glass is decreasingly full iee emptiness is winning but I'm not. Cheers to half full glasses.