Going it alone


twinks 18 months ago i had an eye test and my eyesight was 20/20 which supprised me then at 46yrs had an eye test last friday and now need glasses , all be it just for reading ... but it does give food for thought??. ill ask my consultant and let you all know ...


On here: http://www.drugs.com/sfx/ropinirole-side-effects.html under Less common, it does list vision problems, and under Rare it mentions changes in vision


Hi Smudger and Tabbycat,

I did mention my vision problems to my neurologist, last August and he said it could be caused by the meds., the Parkinson's itself, or just getting older, (I'm 66)........not much help really! I'm hoping my optician will be able to give a more detailed explanation. Anyway, definitely not going back on the Ropinirole.

Yes, I have also read that it can cause blurred vision and other eye problems, on rare occasions, but thanks for the link. Trust me to be one of those people!!  My eyesight still passes the criteria for driving, even though the DVLA have rescinded my licence. But that's another story on this forum.......!!!!!



Rare in drug companies terms means something slightly different....it mentions in the Ropinirole leaflet as rare " unusual urges".

in real terms this means 1 in 3 on a therapeutic dose will suffer catastrophic impulse control disorders mainly Hypersexuality and gambling problems.( Mayo Clinic 2010)

So it is likely the vision problems are quite widespread.

Good move coming off the Ropinirole.

Take care.



I'm quite looking forward to the hypersexuality! The menopause left me with very little sex drive and the physical side of PD has killed it off completely, so perhaps this will bring me back to a normal level.




LOL Tabbycat, it didn't happen with me, I must have been immune to all side effects!!



hypersexuality chance would be a fine thing.................................................


Perhaps we all need toyboys to spice things up a bit!


I know it sounds a hoot but the reality of hypersexuality is.....tens of thousands of pounds spent on prostitutes, porn, illegal activities and police involvement, obsessive masturbation, lies deceit, destruction of marital and family relationships, inability to enjoy normal intimacy....the list goes on and on.

Never wish it on yourselves.



ha ha.... goldengirl your probably not wrong , but i wouldnt put everybody in that catagorie..ide like a bit more of that,probably why i need reading glasses now .. so the saying goes...??... think ill keep taking the medsidea


Hello twinks..ive received the macuna pruriens today ,200x750mg ,siberian ginseng in capsule from the website you showed me. what do you think? i suppose one with breakfast and one teatime...any ideals hughesnewbie..?... twinks that websites ok i think , theirs allsorts on there ....and nope not a licqerish in site ....oops lolwas never very good at humour


GG, it was never meant to be an insensitive comment it is just a subject that some of us try to deal with with humour. 

regards BB.


Hi Twinks can you send me the website link where you get the manaccua thingmebobs from please .

BB xx


Smudger, is that right? I think the trial doses were 15-30 mg. 

You might want to see what general dosage google recommends. I'd keep it low at the start as it could make you nauseous if you take too much. Less is more :) 


Hi all,

It's really amazing how many people give so much of themselves to help others.  It's very difficult to open up and tell people what is happening  in their lives.   

I'm glad that they do because so many have talked about things I'm going through too and it really is good to talk.

My eyesight is deteriorating gradually but when I tell my husband  this, he tells me there is nothing wrong with my eyes. I know he wants to put it "under the carpet" but as I've had glaucoma in.both eyes and more recently cataracts removed  in both eyes followed by laser treatment I kinda think I know what is happening to me.

i've managed to get my own back on him recently. He's just had a knee replacement operation so when he calls me to do somethng, I have to reply that I'm doing a job at the moment and He can't expect me to come running every time he calls.  The best line that came up today was that he said "he can't do it" for which I replied: "there is no word as Can't".  You can guess what he says to me all the time!!

Better go now.  Goodnight.p









Hey Smudger, far be it from me to advise you. I'm no expert and still experimenting with the Macuna Pruriens myself. Do a lot of 'reading up' and Google different websites, as HughesNewbie suggests. And yes, start low.

I did months of research, before deciding to go down this route. This is where I got my Macuna tablets from, BB.  www.mountainfresh.co.uk

There are some dodgy suppliers out there, but this one seems OK and not too expensive. But I stress, I'm not trying to influence anybody, or suggest the MP is going to work. It's about taking charge of my own body!






good morning all, thanks hughesnewbie ,yes ill check it out ,on web first ,i  agree less is more untill i get the balance .thanks twinks ..no worries ,its worth trying something out anyway..i did get them from mountainfresh ,ill let you all know how i get on , ive always took ginseng ,seems to perk me up .....think ill check out the dosage first they look big enough to use for a rugby ball !.. HA


That's interesting......mine are the size of a pea!


twinks these are capsules just under an inch long, organic 750mg x200 ,off the mountainfresh site...i did buy 1000mg x20 but thought to see how i get on with 750mg...the actual buisness name is, arbor vita ltd, postcode,BB3 OPR...


Twinks and smudger: are you medications extract of seed or extract of bean? And is there any difference?