Good Morning

Hi,I have fairly recently been dx with PD, and have only minor symptoms at this stage thankfully. It has taken several months for the correct dosage of meds to be sorted,( i had all sorts of side effects to start),but now hopefully ok. One problem which I have now experienced though, is a shortage of Azilect 1 mg, is it just here in Lincolnshire? or have any other users found this problem?
I have found this forum very good at answering some of my questions, so intend to be an active member. Thank you.:grin:
hiya welcome to puk:smile:ur correct there is a lot of surport on the forum ,im ali ive been dx for 11 years,and im 42 years old.i dont no about the med ur on im afraid cus im not on that one,but im sure some one is and will be able to answer ur question about it:smile:i hope to see you around the forum x:smile:
Morning Skegnessmember...

Firstly.....Welcome to our Forum... say that deliberately 'cos it is "ours" (courtesy of Parkinson's UK)and you've found a good place to be... I was dx last Jan'y (but think it was around for a while before that)..After my super GP got me to see the bloke he wanted me to(a Consultant who lives and breathes his work - I'm so lucky) I was initially euphoric (e.g. "I knew something was wrong - now I know what it is and can get on with sorting it out")... that lasted one evening!.. and it took me the next few months to come to terms with the reality.. I'm 66, retired College Bursar..not got the "shaky" sort, but the muscle stiffness/rigidity and some slower movement.. But.. a year on, still go to the gym.. got a little exercise regime (discipline not too brilliant, though!)..wonderful family... and great friends (mostly in our Church - where strangely there are three of us PD people!).. so outlook not necessarily as bleak as you first imagine (end of world, etc!!)..

Secondly - Azilect - yes, there are difficulties in obtaining supplies - my Pharmacist explained that it is still under licence and therefore expensive - and the Govt have sort of "capped" spending on it, and similar drugs, which are imported, I think, from Germany (other friends may know/express it better than me).. but they do eventually come through - you just have to ensure you get your prescription in a little while before you're likely to run out!

Anyway - welcome again.. you'll find loads of answers, personal stories, dialogue and genuine empathy, encouragement and friendship here - honestly, I did - see you soon.... warmest wishes... bursardavid.