After a change of address,and going back to my old area I registered with the local health centre, and then put on the list of one of the GPs.

On making an appointment, (my drug regime needs adjusting) At the appointment, the GP made it quite clear he wasn't going to get involved, perhaps due to lack of experience of PD. He never asked me any questions, but got on the phone to someone,and talked about arthritis, and told me someone would get in touch with me. End of consultation.

(May be I didn't explain myself to the GP very well,but the problem is the periods of "freezing" are becoming more dominant, and if I'm sitting I can't get up, or if I'm standing I can't move.)

To be continued................

Hi my GP to begin with was positively hostile as he didn't think there was anything wrong with me, positively falls over himself now to be helpful:grin: But then I have a couple of friends who are GP's who freely admit they know next to nothing about Parkinsons :rolling_eyes: Your probably better off talking with the PD nurse or you consultant.

We have recently moved to a new area and are therefore changing GP, Consultant and Parkinsons Nurse.

Before we moved husband had been with the same GP, Consultant and PD nurse since diagnosis. GP made initial diagnosis, later confirmed by consultant and has been excellent. PD Nurse has also been very good. GP always said she would defer to PD nurse over medication - 'they know more about it than I do'. But she was very supportive to both of us and always willing to talk. I feel it is probably better not to have too many people prescribing - it would all get too confusing.

Since we have moved we have seen two different GPs as husband has been having some problems. They don't want to do anything - just say wait to see consultant.