Grants for helping you stay at home

Does anyone know of any grants that may be possible so that a downstairs toilet/washroom can be added to a house? Or does any alteration that may stop someone going into a home/ or moving to a bungalow have to be self funded?
Hi there, Forest

Sometimes social services can provide funding or cover the costs, depending on eligibility criteria and need. Perhaps you have explored this already?

There is also the Parkinson's UK Mali Jenkins Fund, which may be appropriate - more info. is available here:

If you want more information on the fund or applying for help from social services, you can call the helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Hope this helps.


Hi Luis,

Social services will help if you meet the criteria if not several charities often help. I do know of people who have had help with stair lifts double glazing windows amongst other things also wheelchairs or reclining chairs. You would be surprised how many professions have their own charities. I do know there is one for the motoring, teaching Bt, RAF, SAFA and British Legion. I think there is a web site for these perhaps you could google it. If it is for personal care you can try direct payments that information will also be on the gov web site. I hope that helps
Hi Luis, We got into this via our Occupational Therapist who said she would support our application to make the downstairs of our house livable in as my h has pd and she said eventually he would need to live downstairs, she said if he hadnt been blind she would have funded a stair lift. We dont qualify because it is means tested. I think if one is on something like basic state pension or incapacity benefit with less than 15 or 20k savings one may qualify, but thats just rough, each person needs to go into it sunray
Hi there, Vivian

Thanks, and yes, the online website I think you are referring to is - this has a general grants search facility, which forest might want to use and which might have something to offer.

sunray - indeed, eligibility criteria will dictate what social services will cover and for disabled facilities grants, financial calculations are quite complex so we couldn't really comment on forest's own circumstances.

forest, if you'd like to talk to someone about any of this, then do call our social care advisor who'll be happy to offer further guidance.

Thanks all.