So far I’ve seen;

“Shooting stars” - at night, outside, but it was cloudy.

“Spiders” - out of the corner of my eye, and have spent time trying to rescue them before the cat eats them.

But today it was the sound of a text message on husband’s phone. I woke him up (early morning) to ask him to check in case it was important. But there was no text message.

I was prepared for hallucinations, but had decided not to mention them. This new thing (of me calling attention to something I thought was real) is rather upsetting.

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Hello Lemon

I can only imagine how hard and upsetting this might be - none of us do until we are in this situation.

My sister has hallucinations, not just during the night but during the day sometimes - from what she tells me. I don’t think you’re alone in experiencing hallucinations.

I’m pretty well out of my depth, but I’m sure that someone else will be able to help/comfort you with your experiences. Just wondering if you have any support from a nurse/GP? I do know that with my own issues (totally different to Parkinson’s/Lewy Body) that we need people around us … even if it’s just to know, that we’re not alone.

Take care and you can reply/chat to me if you you wish. I am going to try and keep up!

Bye for now.


I know it’s horrible but at least you know they are hallucinations. Some don’t know and really believe what they see PD dr maybe able to adjust meds .


Hi my husband suffers with hallucinations. This time last year he had spent 3 weeks in hospital because of them ,they started off with spiders and cats and dogs , which then went to seeing my granddaughter sat on chair but she wasn’t there to seeing people outside tormenting him to the stage that he wanted to go and sort them out. They prescribed him with Rivastigmine patches and diagnosed him with Lewy body dementia. He is a lot better at the moment but still sees things but not as bad as they were.

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My mother has been suffering hallucinations since she fell and cracked her head two months ago. She’s spend much of the subsequent time since in hospital and it’s done more harm than good because the noises around her are so disturbing. She became so paranoid that people were experimenting on her that she refused her PD meds, which has set her back badly. She is home now and fluctuates between lucidity and terrible fear of the things she believes to be real. Yesterday evening, she said she was in an outside elevator and terrified of falling. Although we’ve been told not to suggest that she’s wrong, I tried helping her think through the reality, that she was talking to me on the phone and was in bed, so she was having an extreme version of the tension we all often feel when awaking from a bad dream. She calmed down a lot and my stepfather texted aftewards to say it really worked. I’m no expert. It was an experiment. It clearly doesn’t help to flatly contradict what someone believes, but perhaps encouraging them to rethink the balance of hallucination and reality might help? Today, I’m going to look into hypnotherapy. Does anyone have experience of this, positive or negative, with regards to PD? Thanks

My husband was recently hospitalised because of post operative delirium after knee replacement op. He was hallucinating & falling which prior to this even though 15 years with Parkinson’s hadn’t happened. He is now back home but the hospital have removed half of his dopamine meds horrible for him as normally he had functioned well now he’s really struggling. No longer hallucinating but I’m not convinced they have done the right thing very sad