Hand's up who had some sort of shoulder problem before dx with PD

Me. Impingement of left shoulder required rotater cuff repair.


i had same, on left shoulder.  The pain was undescribable, I had several cortisone injections over about 5 years.  I visited a chiropractor, had numerous physio appointments.....where I was told I was just being lazy not using my left hand.  Eventually I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who performed the op.  My shoulder was much better....but of course, left hand was still pretty useless with obvious tremor, causing the surgeon to panic when I attended my 6 wk check up.  I received a neuro appt the following day.  The rest....is history.

Left shoulder was sore for ages -went to   docs who     also saw my slight hand tremor (please excuse the dodgy typing!.

Saw Nuero consultant that week - who diagnosed PD  almost at once (my dodgy walk lol!)

SINEMET seems to be  working very well and shoulder already improving - I can write legibly again   too!big grin


aha eureka and to think I blamed the dog.  He did twist my arm into a funny position but it took about two years for the movement to return, not yet totally fully and for the pain to go.

Does anybody have a constant ache between the shoulder blades when they get tired.  Help please


Shoulder pain for five years told it was arthritis dx pd n put on requip xl .......pain almost gone 

yes astoriasis same here ache and burn between shoulders when tired,  I've found a peaked cap makes me keep my head up and shoulders back improves posture and lessens ache , plus no extra pills so no side effects lol. Works for me anyway lol

I had a bit of stiffness in my left shoulder for about a year before dx. Part way through the year my left hand started losing dexterity and my typing started to suffer. Eventually I went to my GP to see if she could sort out what I thought would be a trapped nerve....


Yes, yes, frozen shoulder-type thing for a good two years before dx. Coupled with a burning pain between my shoulder blades towards the end of the day. All cured (?) with PD meds



I also had trouble with pain in my shoulder before DX, isn't that strange how we have so many who have had the same problem, the mind boggles - does anyone reckon it's all linked?

PS. Had a very painful cortisone injection into the bargain!!



Hi all,

This is far to coincidental to not be connected 7 reply's all quite similar story's I only put this post on here to test the water so to speak, it was something one of the PUK specialist nurse said to me on the phone yesterday.We all need to make sure each of our specialist know we may have unwittingly uncovered a link to our joint problem's with our shoulder.

My PD is left sided and my shoulder problem was on the left, and yes astoriasis new flower I do get pain in-between my shoulder blades when i am tired.

Take care all of you,

BB xx


          Hello Betty Blue

                            When I was still working, pre 99 I used to get undescribable agonising pain in both shoulders and my neck, it was like having boiling pitch poured over me,I used to drive many different types of vehicle and the seats in some were not exactly ergonomic,god knows the damage I have unknowingly inflicted on my nervous system, It was my job so I did it, now all heavy machinery must reach very high standards of operator comfort , sods law ensured I missed out on that and it cant be just coincidence that since retiring, that pain has only very rarely returned, it has left a legacy of a dull ache in my left shoulder and the delightfully painful spondylitis

                                   Kindest Regards   Fed

Yes...I was diagnosed April 2014 and probably a few years before I had a bad left shoulder that seemed to be there forever.  Doctors said frozen shoulder probably and gave me exercises, but must confess didnt do them just thought it would eventually go.  It did just vanish one day....left hip also was bad for a long time and they ruled out with X-ray etc. no problem.  My PD tremors began on my LEFT side, foot and hand!  I really hope that could be a real important link and that could give answers and eventually enable find the bio markers etc.

I'm in the club with this one!

I had terrible pains in shoulder neck and back before being diagnosed with PD.

Had op on both shoulders but still get bad pains.


Best wishes



My dad got bad neck, shoulder, chest and head pains prior to dx. He has been extremely fit and healthy up until this, he then developed tinnitus, and then a year later, started to tremor. I'm sure its all linked

I also wonder if whiplash could have anything to do with it. A bus went into the back of his car while stationary approx 3 years before all this. He was checked over by the hospital at the time they said all was ok but I think they only look for obvious injury. 

Maybe I have started something here i did not expect more than one or two reply's if you have friends or family with PD can you all start asking the same question, This information has the potential to possibly be usefully within the field of clinical trials.


best wishes all BB




    I also had a frozen shoulder before being diagnosed with PD,this was my right shoulder,and my parkinsons symptoms were all on the right side when eventually diagnosed!! Hope this information may help.


Yes I agree. Had what was thought to be frozen shoulder for 2 years before dx. Physio, physio and more physio until somebody noticed my left arm didn't swing and my walk was wrong. Relief in pain initially but recently awful knot of pain in neck/shoulder, waiting for physio also seeing new neurologist as my first one has retired.

Funny enough i was offered a long course of physIo i declined as i asked her if the physIo was likely to work without surgery and she said NO. SO I REQUESTED A SURGICAL OPTION,

And low and behold surgery in MAY first symptom appears in AUGUST.

Then at a biker do a friend points out i don't swing my left arm anymore.

Took the winter for me to see any symptoms until i walked upstairs and my arm tremors same happened walking downstairs. Things got worse went to Dr's had nerve conduction test  which i passed three months later and i am diagnosed with the b****.

Seems very coincidental to me.



For me one month after diagnosis shoulder pain started. Six months later shoulder pains still very bad . Having physiotherapy but pain still very bad.

Yep me to...........diagnosed in Feb 2013, i had extremely painful right shoulder since 2009. At the end of that year the shoulder and arm had completely frozen up and so i had manipulation under aneasthetic, followed by physio, it gave me the movement back but still had aches and pains across the shoulders and back and up into the head ( coat hanger syndrome) my nurse tells me.At that time i was sent for Physio, he told me he thought something else was going on!  i returned to my GP who referred me to a Neurologist at which time diagnosis of Parky was made. It also affected my arm and hand on the right side, the movement being like a rachet, not fluid movement as it should be. MUA gave me back 75% of mobility and Parky meds have given me everything back especially Madopar brilliant ....works for me.

Yep me too - frozen shoulder on left side , followed by trigger finger in left hand.  Then moved to right shoulder and right hand trigger finger.  Finally had frozen shoulder in both with trigger fingers in both hands.

still have hand probs but frozen shoulders have gone, but neck pain remains.