Happy birthday

I would just like to say thank you to pds for this forum,I have met some great people and have learn't a lot.It really helps to be able to ask questions and recieve posts from people that understand.
I have found it very supportive.So a big thank you to pds and all members past and present.
Take care Dot xxx

i totally agree with you dotty ,i feel exactly the same.xx:smile:

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday.
Where has the year gone.

There has been good times and bad times for us all, but, with support from our friends and the PDS we have got through it.

Keep up the good work PDS web and helpline.
Everyone else keep tuning in and share your ups and downs. a problem shared can be easier to cope with.
Tina x

Emily you are a diamond, so calm and so clear.

Happy Birthday forum
Is this a good time to reconsider life time bans?
Murderers get off with less than that.
Everyone must admit ,the forum is very quiet without the offenders,
no heart to it these days!


Happy Birthday and thanks to all you posters for being here for all PwP, carers, and those who look in from time time to time.

We sometimes agree, sometimnes agree to disagree, sometimes never agree and never will, but we all need support and I would hate to see anyone barred from the use of this supportive site for ever.

I agree with Roz and Benji that no-one should be barred for life. Perhaps if they were allowed back under the names they are well known by, then you could avoid reading their posts if you wished. Though knowing human nature those would be the first posts you looked at!
I've had advice, info,controversy and much pleasure from quizzes etc.,and made some good friends, so thank you everyone.
How about a Birthday amnesty, agree to disagree, it would be such a boring life if we all thought the same.


Belated Happy Birthday to the "new" forum.

I support previous posts, the forum is mature enough to declare an amnesty and let the lifers back in. Both are unwilling victims of this disease and deserve the support this forum gives. They were very supportive of other members, on this and its predecessor.


I would also like to say I agree with the previous posts,I feel that life bans are wrong.Its bad enough having pd probably for life.Like Roz said you get less for murder.I miss the life the forum use to have.
I do appreciate its a very hard for the moderators,but please reconsider.
Take care Dot x