Have you made any changes in the work place?


I'm writing an article for The Parkinson magazine about the changes people can make in the work place to help manage their Parkinson's. 

Has anyone got any suggestions for small, but useful changes you can make to your work place or routine that you'd like to share? It could be anything you've found useful, for example: make sure you take a lunch hour or take a walk every now and then to prevent stiffness.


Hi Vicky,

I am still working although having to fight hard not to be dismissed due to ill health, but have just been offered a support worker from the access to work team,who have been very supportive and helpful. Will let you know how this works out if of any use for your article.



Hi Vicky

For typing, FilterKeys for Windows users (Control panel > Accessibility options >Use FilterKeys can help. It ignores brief or repeated keystrokes, so helps with tremor. I use it, but find it a mixed blessing.


I have had an access to work (ATW) assessment and my boss has been amazing. 

I have the following, all supplied by my company (Local Authority) part funded by ATW

  • Dragon software and training
  • Rollerball mouse
  • Dictaphone
  • Windows pro tablet
  • Smart phone

I can have breaks whenever I need them and I organise my own schedule to ensure it is manageable.



Have just had a period of sickness (stress/ anxiety) and go back to work this week. Have requested shorter shifts (I do 12 hour shifts as a nurse) - GP recomended it etc etc. I am dredding going back! It has been stressful arranging going back ironically, and shorter hours have gone down like a led balloon, with nothing concrete put in place. I am not going to be popular as will result in some of the xmas rota being redone. But, all I want to do is work as long as I can - and shorter shifts will help me. For me the biggest struggle is asking for adaptations etc, and as time moves on I know I need to ask for more, as I know no one else will. It makes me feel so uncomfortable! I can do my job and do it well - but 12 hours without a break (real world I am a nurse!) is getting too much. 

It's not nice having to push yourself forward, but I guess we have to do it.



Thanks for your posts, everyone! I'm sure I'll be able to use some of your points in the article. Look out for the winter issue of The Parkinson in January.


Recieved conformation from atos this morning,no medical assesement requirred information provided was fine! maybe things are changeing heysuprisedsorry about spelling not my good point


I sometimes work alone so my company has asked me to wear the panic alarm in case to put it in there terms I suddenly became horizontal.I would then be able to get help as it goes through to the police........Paul