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during the day I get desperately tired. I don't feel exhuasted yet my eyes seem to strain to stay open. Napping is not always practical. My night sleep is better than it was. I now get 5 good sleep. I exercise and eat well. (vegetarian diet)
Anyone any thoughts on perhap dietry options to boost enery and reduce the need to nap. At the moment I need to close my eyes at least 10 times a day. By the way I don't nod off without warning or fall asleep in the middle of someting. I just feel the need to nap.

any thought?:rolling_eyes:
My husband is at the moment slumped in his armchair head dropped forward and drooling . this is after taking his Sinemet . I thought it was suppose to help you get going . At the moment it seems to be doing the reverse . Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't lol.

Could be the fact that he has been watching the Politics programme on the TV .

We have been reducing the doses to see if he has been overddosing with them but it doesnt look like it has HEY HO !

I am going to rouse him now maybe he will be better after having his lunch . That does happen sometime .

Sorry not to be more helpful
Thanks Johnnie its nice to know I'm not the only one nodding off. It's just a reminder that your life has changed. I guess I will have to get use to it.
I am newly diagnosed (Sept 2011), but think some of the were there a couple of years before, and try not to sleep during the day but in bed by 10pm and then sleep until 8am which is 10 hours sleep, does anyone else need/have this amount of sleep?
The word missing from my earlier post is ........... symptoms.
o well off to wake him up again . He went back to bed after his lunch ,it's the only place he can seem to get comfortable lately that is until he wakes up , has been doing it lately . Atleast I have the company on my laptop.

Hope he can keep awake long enough to be interested in watch ing the TV this evening .
I become very drowsy in the afternoon and its hard not to sleep. Trouble is when I wake up I feel very groggy, a sort of brain fog, which does not clear, and it messes up the evening as my thinking is more slower than if I'd stayed awake. Any ideas on clearing the fog. I've heard of power naps but not sure if they work.