Hello all

Was diagnosed with p d last feb.Thought i was initially suffering with depression.A relief in a way to know for sure.I am A YOUNG 64 .pLAY GUITAR AND BLUES HARMONICA .lOOKING For like minded people to communicate with who are in a similar situation as myself.oN madapar which is a great help .Would like to share experiences with people with a sense of humour.
greetings sambam and a warm welcome to the forum.

you will find lots of people here with insights into all the troubles life has thrown at you. They can help you understand depression, deal with PD, know all about medication too.

I think the guitar and harmonica might just be untreatable tho

I find the forum a big help and I hope you do too

hi sambam

Im 34 today and been diagnosed with pd for 3 years. we have to take what life throws at us. hope you find some people with sense of humour, i think we all have that attribute on here. the wonderland cafe is a good hang out for a bit of craic
Happy birthday Hopwood77:stuck_out_tongue::smile:

Welcome Sambam, I think that you will find humour somewhere on this forum but I know for definite that you will find supportive and knowledgeable people who will go the extra mile to help out. Hope to see you around!!

Thanks all for the welcome.WIll have a scout around the cafe etc to see whats going down.Good to have contacts.