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Hi @babswood,

Firstly, I am truly sorry to hear about Keith’s awful mugging and recent heart attack. Please let him know that the Parkinson’s UK team sends him our thoughts and best wishes. If there is anything we can do to support Keith and his family during this time, then please let him know that we are here to help in anyway we can.

With regard to Tommy, unfortunately he has made the decision to leave the forum, however, I have passed your message onto him and asked for his permission to share his email address with you.

I’ll keep you posted if/when he responds to my message.

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Well, here’s the latest. When I got this form, I thought it was to do with ESA (I am in the “Support Group”) so I rang the DWP and said that I become pension elligible in June so why re-assess me now? Their response was that I had been sent the form with regards to PIP, not ESA. They lied. After literally five hours over the phone yesterday (to try and get a deadline extension), they finally said, yes, its about ESA. Now you all know how PD reacts to stress. I’ve never felt more confused, anxious and symptom riddled!
Thankfully Sarah Robinson, the local PD Adviser has been in touch with the local Age Concern people who help with form filling etc. Sarah - you’re a star! Bwteen us, we’ll get this sorted.
So all this is about ESA. My state pension kicks in at the end of June. So this is all about two months money! By the time they gte the form and arrange an assessment, it will probably, almost certainly even, be irrelevant as I will by then be on my Pension and not ESA!
I’ve been on Disability Benefits for 25 years now. I have Degenerative Spinal Stenosis. There is no cure, I will not “improve” (that was wat they said to me yesterday, that I need assessing in case I have improved or even been cured). The clue is in the word “Degenerative”, for goodness sake!
Thankfully I have a complete copy of my last claim form. So can transcribe that, and then add the PD details on top.
Anyone else feel that being on Disability benefist is like being a Windrush Generation? Endless intrusive form filling, the hostile environment and so on.


Thanks Reah that would be good. Hopefully Tommy replies



Hi babswood,

Tommy has given me permission to share his email address with you.

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Hi Reah
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