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Thanks elegant fowl! I definitely want to use the knowledge of the group. I'm in the midst of putting together some plans - when I have something in a presentable form, I'll get back to everyone!

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:smile: Hi all, I am new to this forum and it is my Dad who is at the later stages of Parkinson's (we think he has had Parkinsons around 20 years now) and things are getting harder though the help out there with Parkinsons group, social services etc. has been very helpful. I am the carers carer. My Mum is now full time carer of my Dad and is doing an amazing job, so my brother and I are doing all we can to keep Dad at home. They have been married for 53 years and are still deeply in love. The reason I write on this link is that my Dad is obsessed with things being broken and his hallucinations are mainly about broken glass, water escaping from pipes, things cracked or broken etc. etc. which is behaviour I wondered if anyone could help me out with why this is the case? :confused:

Has anyone heard of how good Homeopathy is for Parkinson's?

homeopathy is a con. however placebos work quite well with pd so there may be a benefit.

There is no known  homeopathy that works for PD I would suggest you take your dad to see his PD consultant and ask for a review of his meds PD can cause other problems in the brain like compulsive behaviour and serious memory loss. What meds is your dad taking ? I ask because I know that one particular group the side effects are already well known also if your dad had had PD around 20 years what stage is he at. Stage one is when symptoms first appear stage 5 is advance PD. There are links on this website that can explain the advanced stage clearer that I can.

let me know how you get on.

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Hi suma

welcome to PUK I am a member of Lincoln and district support group was dx in June 2013 age 47 I try to be a friend to anyone on here who is struggling with there dx and I have also had a tour of the head office. I currently take L-Dopa & pramipexol I have not Had the problems others have had with their tablets but I know a lot do. I am fighting this as I will not let the PD control my life I will fight her for as long as I can.

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Hi there (also a newbie to this forum).

My mum (78, diagnosed 5 yrs ago, Co-Careldopa meds) has been finding that the effect wears off really quickly now, leaving her feeling weak. She is on Co=Careldopa/Levodopa in 3 pills a day.

She’s has been managing her own meds fine up until Xmas when she had a mild UTI (treated with antibiotics) - but now she’s up at all hours, restless,agitated, feeling horrible and has been taking her meds at weird,irregular times.

We had been monitoring the meds over Xmas when she had the UTI. We then reverted to her alarmed pill dispenser.

But last week she has started taking them when she feels they’re wearing off (which is much quicker than it used to be) - and i’m concerned about overdose.

For e.g, she took 2 of her 3 daily pills before 9am today - she was naturally full of energy but then craved her 3rd pill by 1pm - which means all meds are gone by earlyl afternoon!

I’m going to ask for an urgent appointment with her consultant but in the meantime, apart from us being there to adminster the pills (which we’re doing - not a long term solution, I fear) does anyone have any tips?