Hello from a newly diagnosed PD recruit


         Say you had no wool", now I know it lacks the flow of the Nuyrsery Rhymes we all know and love but my Mother had a very weird sense of humour,big grinnow you know where I get my very silly behaviour from, and after doom and gloom you simply must have silly to balance things out, dont you agree J.

                         This is LAPTOP 9995 ZULU DELTA FEDEX over and outcoolby the way the Avatar is my little HONEY BADGER, still lovely


Well, I'm glad you cleared that up, Fed -- about the avatar, I mean.  I thought you had taken to cross-dressing and were doing an absolutely fabulous job on make-up!  Seriously, she is, indeed, lovely.  I've seen your daughter's picture, too.  You're surrounded by beauty, aren't you?

I saw brief TV coverage of that sea lion situation.  The same thing happened in San Francisco not many years ago.  I don't remember how they finally chased the large creatures away.  I think they somehow made the dock surface uncomfortable, so that the sea lions chose to stay in the water or use the off-shore rocks.  But I'm an inlander, so I'm more concerned with the proliferation of crows.  Their population is growing fast all over the country, while smaller songbirds are declining in numbers.

Regarding your mother's versions of nursery rhymes, I definitely approve of silliness for children.  One of my daughter-in-law's endearing practises is singing silly songs to her children.  She knows dozens of them, because she is a music teacher of kindergarten through sixth grade.  When her first-graders presented their spring concert  last year (my grandson was included), they sang such songs as "Hamsters Can't Play the Piano" and "Dogs Shouldn't Eat Chocolate Bunnies."

When I was teaching, I dealt with 15- to 18-year-olds.  They are more interested in sarcasm than silliness.  But there was a lot of laughter in my classroom; it's the best teaching tool -- humour!

Keep laughing, Fed, and thanks for the laughs you provide the rest of us --


big grin

  Good morrow most distant buddy, I went  for my 6month check to our friendly neighbourhood butcher,, er  sorry ,,dentist,   and I need two fillings I expected I would need work as I have major probs cleaning my teeth an sure enough," you need a couple of fillings Mr FED  ,,,,,VE HAF  VEYS OFF CAUSING YOU PAIN so you vill be subjected to a very painfull deep  clean, ,,oh dear if I was a captured spy if thy just switched on  that drill  I would tell them everything, there cannot be a worse more terrifying sound i the whole universe, and its just not somethig I need right now ,I am struggling J unsure and wary, . I am pleased my introduction to the Forum of my beloved wife Mrs FED has attracted favourable comments,  she is almost 4yrs older than me  but looks 10 yrs younger, the ravages of parky plus natural ageing is wrecking the very very handsome good looks of her kind HANDSOME Generous Handsome Compassionate helpful good natured Handsome, Husband   ??  when we were going through that dangerous time I was very worried I was going to lose her  It was mostly my fault, Brinkmanship I think its called I WAS TESTING HER LOYALTY,, anyway I am off track  again, I am curious to know if anyone is having the same trouble as myself  dentallyorthodentaportmently, wise, its now 10.04 am  this side my dear friend are you awake if not please dont answer this post as it WILL cause a fall possibly against a wall worsened if you are tall lessened if small I have a cuz called paul who lives near PORTCAWLE   His  best pal is called SAul, Barry Saul and I dont like him at all   J Lady for when visiting CUZ 2 yrs since, Saul and his mate John tried it on with beloved,,,MISTAKE OH WHAT A MISTAKE, John intensively cared for and Saul, lives no more,,ot a heart attack+ nowt t do with me Lady  j,s                    o have a great day     J

                           MANY WEESHIZES YOU 4   2    TRUE VERY KIND LADY YES YES MANY

                            YOUR TOP DUDE                   FED

Thank you, Fed, for another of your combination silly/serious posts.  It is now morning here, so it must be early evening for you.  We have gone through a heat wave of three or four days and are now enjoying perfect weather (75 to 80 F) and the first flowers of summer.  My dog is telling me to stop typing and take him for a walk instead.  But I'll see how long I can withstand the pleading eyes.

Since my trip to Europe went well and I suffered no ill effects afterward, I am continuing to make travel plans.  I just know that PD will at some time put an end to distant travels, and there are a few places I'd still like to visit.  My next journey will be a tour that combines a week by bus in Alaska with a week on a Princess cruise ship to return via the Inside Passage.  That will be at the beginning of September.  At the end of the month a former teaching colleague and I are going to the San Juan Islands in Washington.  We are staying six days on Orcas Island and will have a rental car to explore and enjoy the scenery. 

I have one other trip booked in advance:  a week on Maui to celebrate my 70th birthday with my family.  It is difficult to believe that number has rolled around.  (It must have rolled around to me, because I certainly didn't go in search of it!)  But that journey is not till next winter.  I think Hawaiian surroundings will be a welcome break from Oregon's dark skies and rain, possibly snow, at that time of year.

Well, all I have blathered about is travel, and I am succumbing to those canine eyes.  I'll try to be more interesting next time.



               The two smilies represent my journey from midnight Friday through Sat  11.47,when BLACKHEART was forced to retreat having suffered many losses at the hands of your English admirer, FEDEXLIKE , yes I admire you Lady J ,and I am sure many fellow Forum members also will be amazed and envious at your ability to plan and execute your impressive adventures, I know that you will continue for as long as you are able my friend and long may it be so and if you dont mind my repeating my invitation that should you ever visit these shores , perhaps a visit to Northumberland  could be included in your itinerary , my home county is the least populated of all the English counties and has more castles than any other, also some magnificent country houses with equally magnificent gardens you would find much of interest  and in return I woud enjoy the company of a very intelligent knowledgable person and expect  many early morning conversations, for I seem to shake off the  evil PD symptoms approaching  11.30 pm  01.00am as I have now,and my lovely wife and I  very little conversation at any time of the day,I am going to post now J or my work will self destruct.

                                            ENDOFPT 1            FED


        Thats more like it, I would , as a percentage , estimate my efficiency level well into the high 90s J and  this is after a day of hell,ranging from 87% shut down to 95% Dyskie the peaks and troughs really terrifying , there were times when I thought I had reached the end of my tenure on Spaceship Earth,with all my faculties in MAX FAIL,, warning bells ,,like WARNING SEVERE DEHYDRATION,, or DANGER GREY  OUT APPROACHING, OR SIMPLY JUST, HELP ME, Im dying, I dont want to  go yet, I have much I need to do many people I need to say sorry to, or renew friendships. if you like,and I have at least two of these episodes a week , they are debilitating and drain off energy very quickly leaving me helpless, now beloved is very distressed by this and she is not well herself, with failing eyesight and Arthritic pain, so things can spiral out of control very rapidly,however all is not DOOM AND GLOOM for I have found a method of breaking BLACKHEARTS grip,  I give,, yes thats correct  Lady J  I   love giving and even while in the depths of  fear terror hate for this pig in my head, I will plan suprise's for my family and friends,, for instance perhaps the best being  the purchase of a nearly new car for my eldest daughter , the old Ford Ka, was a death trap , now replaced by a 2yr old  Skoda, I have contacts in the  motor trade and was informed of this vehicle and where it used to live,, the Isle of Arran, one lady owner 9000 mls only, and planning the acquisition and transport of the vehicle I found theraputic , not least the look on my daughters face when I told her,it gives me so much happiness and can wipe out parky, all beit temporarily, it seems to lift me out of harms way,so I am off now hopefully to a calmer night,

                                              Kindest Regards Lady J


big grincool

            Two things Lady J, if you go on that cruise and you find yourself on the Grand Princess out of ANCHORAGE Alaska, ask to speak to Lewis Paul , he is a electrical engineer on board and it would complete the circle of  coincidences, he is a fine young man and my dear wifes nephew, the other more spooky turn of events is or will be more astonishing,, I keep having dreams about people friends relatives, good dreams rarely its mostly terrible nightmares, I wont go into the subject matter suffice to say they exceed the worst of the worst and so onward J for I often dream of you listening to the music of GORDON LIGHTFOOT, now I am a great admirer of Mr Lightfoot,, his songs are excellent and capture my moody moments, for example the mournful ,WRECK of the EDMUND FITZGERALD, THIS sad tale of the sinking of this 26000  ton ore carrier in a terrible storm that swept across Lake Superior on the night of Nov 10 1975, she was fully laden carrying three times her own weight of Teconite iron ore, and sank with all hands a grim tale  Lady J,  Gordon Lightfoot also roet, moet, nope,,rtote ,,,,,,,,,bgger???     wrote If you could read my mind dear,and my favourite  SUNDOWN, but all his music is worth a listen, s is Thomas Newman but I think I old you about that,I would be interested if you could confirm the  bdream  J  it will assist in my  dream management and would be much appreciated, oh by the way if you have google earth, type in SEATON DELAVAL NORTHUMBERLAND UK to see my   home  town.

                                              11.21am dull  but warm here

                               Have a great day  Lady J,                        FOXTROT ECHO DELTA  OH I ALMOST FORGOT  11.48 AM HERE SO 5.48 WITH YOU J ,I hope its a fine sunny new day. ECHO DELTA OUT

Good morning, Fed!

It is indeed a fine new sunny day as I write.  The weather has been ideal for a few days now; light rains are expected toward the end of next week.  Unlike our neighbour, California, we are still receiving moisture from the sky in Oregon.

Well, we have noted coincidences before, but now things are getting a little spooky.  It IS the Grand Princess my tour will be taking in early September!  I shall be sure to ask to meet Lewis Paul, though my explanation of who I am will be roundabout, for I do not know your name or your wife's.  I haven't checked yet to see if your account on this forum allows personal messaging.  I'll do that after I finish this post, because we all know how easy it is to lose a post. But I have enabled personal messages to me.  On my recent brief (two-day) stay in London, I met a member of this forum who lives in the city.  She and I spent three hours over lunch, just talking and getting acquainted.  She is a charming lady of about my age. 

Then there is Gordon Lightfoot.  Although I have not been listening to him lately, he holds a special place in my memory, because I associate him with the first days of meeting and dating my husband.  I remember particularly the song beginning, "If you could read my mind, Love, what a tale my thoughts would tell."  His voice had a smooth, easy quality that I liked.  Listening to his songs now would stir many memories, I'm certain.

Thank you again for the generous invitation to visit and stay at your home.  A friend and I have spoken of a possible visit to the Lake District, which she has never seen.  I'd like to see more of Scotland than I have to date, so Northumberland is not completely out of the question.  However, such a trip would be at least a year away.  My travel budget for this year has been depleted on travels booked through next spring!  (I can hear Parky's footsteps behind me.) 

I enjoyed the story of your daughter's new car.  Generosity is a wonderful character trait, which gives joy in both directions.  One of my husband's last wishes was that we start a college fund for a very deserving girl just about to start high school at age 14.  She was raised by a single mother who works three jobs in order to make ends meet.  One job is a pet-sitting service, and she had taken excellent care of our ageing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whenever we travelled.  This woman was also one of the very few friends who came to visit my husband in his final illness.  So we set up the account and told her and her daughter on their last visit with him.  They were overwhelmed that anyone would care enough to do such a thing, and their gratitude was our reward.  Since that time, I have added to the account; next year the girl will graduate from high school.  In fact, she is doing her college search now.  Several universities are interested in her, because she is an "A" student who is gifted in athletics, too.  And, without knowing it, she chose my alma mater as one of the three campuses she is most likely to attend!  I'll enjoy watching her grow, whatever life decisions she makes.

I hope your dreams are good ones now and the nightmares flee.  You are strong in fighting such heavy, threatening symptoms of this miserable illness.  Your courage and perseverance are continually lessons to me.



big grin Ive started so I'll finish,I have already almost completed a very important post to you Lady J but its probably better if you contact me via email, as it vanished, entirely my fault mind as I was  distracted and my right finger on my right hand clicked on the del button, and well it del'ed, but as I say leave a message or contact my email, the coincidences go on, I would like to say to yourself dear friend and to anyone else who is reading this intriguing  on going thread,there is no dishonourable intent in my transatlantic posts or indeed any communications with any of my friends on the PDF, i am incapable of any hurtfull behaviour or misdemeanour, I would not underthreat of any form or kind of pain betray any of  you,,,right thats got that sorted, now my friend Lady J, my email is availablle, if you wish to use it.

                               Kindest Regards      FED


  Hello   J I have just checked my email address  and it is incorrect, I dont want to change my password as it took weeks to reslolve when I had problems before so I will try and leave a message ?? or if you add  leave a message I will return info then.

                                    I am shutting down so night night



           Well another bad day, but it was my wife this time J she had a bad fall and is now aching all over, so no respite, I was ok until I found out about beloved, its knocked her for six and is shocked.

               Kind Regards    FED

Hi J

i'm still going well but finding constipation a bit tricky. I was only using a movicol occasionally but went to GP today and he said it needs to be taken on a regular basis to be effective. I guess I have done ok in that department until now.  Hope you have enjoyed your cruising and travel this year.  We are off caravanning for 10 days in September and going on a Princess cruise in October all being well.

Best regards