Hello from Italy

Hi i am Adelaide i just recently came back onto the forum after being absent for a while. I started with a tremor atthe age of 15 and it was not until i was 25 that they realised i had Parkinsons.I am now 39 years old. I chose to only tell my husband at the time my family and friends did not know until my mother passed away 7 yrs ago. I just felt i did not want to worry people. It was very hard at times. Three yrs ago i got made medically retired after having worked at the tax office for 18 yrs. This made me very sad and broke my heart. we then decided to move to italy where my family came from originally and i started a new life and had a new baby since. I struggle lots and often worry about being a burden to my three wonderful children. I have the best husband in the world but at times feel very lonely and scared at what the future holds for me. I try to be strong and often to try to hide froom the children and my husband when i am not well. Something that upsets my husband as he wants to help. I just wanted to share my story and also say a huge thanks to this forum as i feel so much better being able to share and get opinions from you it helps so much. Hope you all have a good day and keep smiling.
Hello Adelade,

What a lovely family you have and such a smashing story,
Please do tell your husband when you need a bit of extra support as I know how he feels even though I do this myself trying to protect my husband snd son ( you feel shutout and worry more) My husband has had PD for thirty years now and it is a long struggle but we keep going and trying new things. When he used to notice that our son and I didn't laugh very much anymore he asked us why and we said that we didn't like to because we didn't want to upset him, but he missed hearing us laughing and said to relax and be like we used to be. We got lots of dvd and video's of all the british comedy show's and put them on when he was down, it certainly helped him and us.
You are one [u]brave lady[/u] and I really hope that the professionals come up with something to make your life much better in the future.
best wishes
Hi adelaide and vivian, it never ceases to amaze me how strong people with parkinsons are,also their carers.My husband is my carer ,he keeps me sane.I just want to wish you lovely ladies and your amazing families love and laughter.:smile:smiler
hiya ,welcome back to the forum,lovley to see you,im ali been dx 11 half years im 43 years old.you sound like you got such a caring family around you,and i understand totally why some times you keep how you feel to your self,i do the same,i feel im goin to bring the other person down with me at that time,which ant fair.but when i have good days i feel i should let out how i feel,that person is there for me,so is your hubby for you,its worth ago letting more out now see how he takes things,and then you will no how you both cope.as for your children,not sure of age,but i would say when they get to a decent age you feel comphy with is show them the little books there is for children to read and understand about wot pd is all about.sit them down and help them,then they will grow with you and then begin to help as well,there is no shame or burdon telling chilren ,its just finding the correct time to tell them,all kids are different,you will no when the time is rite for you and your chilren to talk about things.there is plenty of information on the puk website about sharing pd with children,and were to get the books from,you can also ring the puk helpline and get info to help you,guide you through thongs,i wish you all luck,x:smile: