Hello from Scotland

My husband was diagnosed 4 and a half years ago with Parkinson's, he had probably had it for six months before but the symptoms were not so noticeable. 6 months into the diagnosis he had a heart attack and then a second while in the hospital and was fitted with a stent.

The past 4yrs have been a struggle and he is getting tiredier and tiredier and does sleep alot. It is now the swallowing which is causing problems and the meal situation is now nearly pureed. Also at times he seems to have a touch of dementia.

Well that is me. hello.


Hello Patsy56 - I know PD effects people in different ways, but your OH has been hit by everything possible, and it sounds as if it hasn't been easy for you either! Do you have any have any family help of any sort? Or do you have a PD nurse assigned to your OH who can offer any help of any sort? Otherwise phone the helpline who can offer advice on most things,  but if you just wanted a chat you can unburden yourself on here, it's good to talk with someone, to make you feel better about things.

Keep posting and take care - Sheila x  (love Scotland!)

Hi Patsy, 

Welcome to the forum! Sheila has already introduced the support available to you and your husband, please let me know if we can do anything for you both. We have a good amount of members in Scotland, I know they'll make you feel welcome. 

Take care


Hi Kat

Was wondering if you can give me any advice. I applied for PIP and appealed for it to be looked at again.On the advice of Citizens Advice.

I received a text 2 weeks ago to say that they were looking at it now!!.

I have heard no more.My car will have to be back with motabilty by 18 October.Do you think I will hear back before then?  .I am dreading the thought of going to a tribuneral.

They certainly like to keep you waiting.

Any advice will be much appreciated.