Hello, im a tad scared. 35 and recently diagnosed.


Hi Drew, I also live in Cornwall , In the S.E.of the county. I hail from Sussex and have been in Cornwall for just over 2 years. I was diagnosed way back in 2009. If you like and are not too far away , I’d be happy to meet and give you the benefit of my experience…Regards…


Hi Drew

I am a dj on radio parkies but in the next few weeks will be doing some podcasts with two young onset ladies both with children. One was 28 and the other 38 when diagnosed.

If you would like them to cover any particular questions (or areas youd like covering)just add them or e mail me at [email protected]

I also know someone in Cornwall who has done some voluntart work for PUK. He has had PD since he was 38.

Ian DjScazza


Hi Drew I was diagnosed at 39 and I decided to keep it to myself for a year for s particular reason.
When I started telling people it was not a case of them watching me to see if changes happened. Instead my telling them was more “ oh yes I’ve known about if for over a year now” and instantly they were amazed as they hadn’t noticed so no awkwardness developed.
It worked for me but I don’t think it would fit most XX