Hello, im a tad scared. 35 and recently diagnosed.


Hi Drew, I also live in Cornwall , In the S.E.of the county. I hail from Sussex and have been in Cornwall for just over 2 years. I was diagnosed way back in 2009. If you like and are not too far away , I’d be happy to meet and give you the benefit of my experience…Regards…


Hi Drew

I am a dj on radio parkies but in the next few weeks will be doing some podcasts with two young onset ladies both with children. One was 28 and the other 38 when diagnosed.

If you would like them to cover any particular questions (or areas youd like covering)just add them or e mail me at [email protected]

I also know someone in Cornwall who has done some voluntart work for PUK. He has had PD since he was 38.

Ian DjScazza


Hi Drew I was diagnosed at 39 and I decided to keep it to myself for a year for s particular reason.
When I started telling people it was not a case of them watching me to see if changes happened. Instead my telling them was more “ oh yes I’ve known about if for over a year now” and instantly they were amazed as they hadn’t noticed so no awkwardness developed.
It worked for me but I don’t think it would fit most XX


Hi, I was diagnosed just before Xmas at the age of 37 but ive had symptoms since i was 34, possibly even before that. I have 2 young children and first noticed symptoms when my youngest was a baby. I take sinemet 3 times a day and do as much exercise as possible around work and my family . I’m in North East Lincolnshire and i don’t know any other young people with parkinsons. I have the dubious honour of being the youngest parkinsons patient in the area , lucky me hey!


Hi LisaB

I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell for so long and that you are the youngest in the area where you live, I felt like that when I was told, I was 39, but like you I have been seeing the small thing which now I now has the name of Parkinson’s. I must say every since I have joined thisforum people have been so nice and reply to anything you want to talk about, so maybe you now can feel that someone who is going though the same thing, will be listening and knowing how you truly feel. Take care Raz


Hi @LisaB,

I just thought I’d let you know that we have a ‘Young onset Parkinson’s’ category on the forum with people who are in a similar situation to you. We also have a ‘Younger people with Parkinson’s’ section on our website with a lot of information and support which I’m sure will be useful to you. You can find this section here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/younger-people-parkinsons.

Best wishes,


Hi LisaB and welcome. I was diagnosed at 58 but had a tremor about me from my teens. My coping mechanism is to be positive in thought and make light of your predicament by making a joke of it and being able to laugh at yourself. Never ever let it get you down, there are people worse off than yourself. Take each day as it comes and always do the best that you can within your capabilities.



Hi Trailerman, sorry for this very late response but I worked with (and used) TCE between the years 1989-91 … would be very interested in any of your ‘follow ups’. Thanks in advance. (Diagnosed with PD four years ago).