Hello I'm new..!

Oh yes BB, i am in no doubt that having now met you, there is no one more straight talking and knowledgeable and more justified to stick their digits up at this Disease than you. You appeared to me like a woman on a mission for people like me who would rather not know. This forum brings all walks of life together and hopefully we all bounce off one anothers experiences which often can help. I wish there were more like you xx


BTW i have a few bits already for hamper, hopefully it will be a cracker!

Barnowl 1

Thanx for that it really means a lot to me. Xx BB

Hi Sue

         Welcome to the forum, i was diagnosed when i was 39. That was 11 years ago.

Yes you do feel a bit alone when they tell you, but if you want to talk just get in touch.

Everyone with pd are different, but if i can help let me know. keep your chin up.

                                               From: ZO

Hi Sue I am a newbie on here and have found people so friendly.

I have a very early dx of PS and have just had a brain MRI and a DaTscan but do not go to neurology to get the results til late July...a long time to wait so now living each day to the full and excercising at a gym 3/4 times a week.  I go to SW and drinking lots of water ...(and red wine) is helping with the weight loss too.

I didn't realise my poor sleep each night (now monititored by a fit bit bracelet), aching and dropped shoulder could also be Parkinson!

Keep in touch

Lynne x


Hi sue 

Welcome to the forum i know am a bit late welcoming you aboard. I've had parkinsons for 11 years now you will deal with it in your own way it will get easyer once you get your meds under control.

Hope you are going on ok.

                                    from Zo

Hi sue

I'm a similar age to you, stay positive and try a live your normal life.