Hello to all you lovely people out there

Hi all I came across this forum only last week when I was reading some help leaflets on pd.

My dad has had this illness for the past 8 years and had symptoms for about 18 months before he was actually diagnosed, they first thought he was having mini strokes affecting the left side of his body. Hes just turned 60 last week :grin:. when we were first told it was a terrible shock, I was 20 and my younger brother only 10 and it was a lot to take on (as im sure you all understand).

for the past 7 years my dad has been marvelous, with a very few tweaking's of his meds. Im not very good with spelling (so forgive me) he takes sinemet and reQuip and some other meds but im not sure of the names.

earlier in the year he had a full knee replacement which he is still slowly recovering from but is more or less on the mend from. But sadly over the last 6 months hes gone down hill quiet a bit.stress seems to play a big part to making the pd worse so obviously having the knee op was very stressful for him and they wouldn't give him a general anesthesia , he had an epidural and was awake the whole time which put him under a great deal of stress, weather this has played a part in his getting worse or just that now hes had the knee replacement we can see how the pd is affecting him now.

he takes his meds 6 times a day but the time between him taking his meds are getting quicker because they dont last so long. He takes his first tablets at 4.15 am and he is really good till about 10 in the morning but then he gets a lot of freezes there after. he has terrible trouble sleeping and relaxing and because he gets stressed very easily the doctors have now prescribed him 2mg of diazepam which helps him lots.

so on tuesday we went to see the neurologist, he was brilliant, they aren't going to change any of his meds but in addition to what he takes hes now going to try apomorphine in a pen injection, the doctor explained as Pd progresses, some people develop an on-off effect like dad has when at one moment hes ok and the next he freezes up, and that this pen injection will give him boost his body needs through out the day. we are hoping this will help him to give him what his body needs has for the last year hes been more or less house bound, due to the fact hes to afraid to go out.

hes an inspiration to me and im very proud of him there have been some bad time but also many good times and throughout we have always maintained a positive attitude has my dad says (their is always someone worse off than me) so this is some of my story (sorry its a long one). And im glad ive come across this forum

thank you
It was lovely to read your story about your dad. It is well to be seen that you are a loving family.I am sorry that things seemed to go downhill following your dads surgery but it is good that you maintain a positive attitude because I believe that is the way in dealing with this little nuisance PD .Never let it get you down because when you do it has WON!! Good luck :smile:
Hi natsel
Welcome to the forum. I hope your father's deterioration starts to slow down now that he is over his operation. How lucky for him that he has such a supportive family. I wish you all the best for the future.
thank you both
Hi and welcome,

Your dad has been through a lot lately and it's probably made his PD symptoms worse, hopefully in time he'll start to settle down a bit.

I've had the Apomorphine pen since June and it gives almost instant relief from dystonia, tremor and rigidity but only lasts about an hour, the down side is it's made me feel sickly, caused vomiting and I've had a few near fainting experiences because it can lower your blood pressure.

I wish your dad well, let us know how he gets on with the Apomorphine injections.

Take care!

Hi Natsel
My father too was diagnosed about 8 years ago.6 of those he had no problems and only in the last 2 years has everything gone wrong and his deterioration has been quite sudden.
I have now left work to be his carer,he presently lives in what is called independant living.
He has little mobility but keeps very cheerful.
He has got another infection so is on antibiotics agaain,he is a bit out of it and usually comes back to me on the fifth day with the phrase "where have you been"
"What day is it "
"I do not now why I loose days"
Keep strong like your father and good luck to you!

Was good to read your story..

my dad got diagnosed a few months ago now.. he too suffers from stress and anxiety..
he also has a resting tremor in his left hand..

hes still working full time and i hope he continue to for a few years!

sounds like you could hold lots of advice for me and my dad!

dont hesitate to private message me if you ever fancy a chat.. i now work for parkinsons uk and and always interested in learning more!