Hello I am Ian, I live outside Chicago, Illinois USA. I was dx with Pd aprox. 10 years ago. I am 58 years old, married with 7 grown children and 16 grandkids. August 2, 2011 I had DBS surgury to help me control my left side. My nuer was talking about me doing the right side this year, but now I do not know because he is leaving to run a nuer department in another city and state. I also am in a study of a med. for hallucinations. So far so good. I do not really know what else to say but me and Charlie (my caviler king charles spaniel my constant companion) want to thank you for letting us join.
Hello and welcome Ian.

Grr, wroof wrooof, Charlie.
Hi taan1
Welcome to the forum. I am sure that you will find a lot of friends on the forum with a lot of information. Best of luck to you and yours.
Hi Ian 1, May I welcome both you and Charlie to the Forum. You are sure to make many friends here.
Hello Ian and Charlie, welcome to this great little forum , you will find many
friends here ready to listen whenever you need a sympathetic ear, it is a great
place to be when you are feeling a bit off, or feel like a bit of Pythonesque
fun. I live a little way away from you in Northumberland UK and my main Hobbies are anything Aviation and building and collecting 1/72 scale Aircraft, some of
my priceless collection were lost in my workshop blaze, a few days ago , my wifes new tumble dryer the cause, if it had been in the kitchen the house would have gone, so not all bad.
Kindest Regards fedexlike:smile: