Hello my name is john I am 31 years old and have dyslexia so if any spelling or punctuation is wrong I am sorry.

im not yet Diagnosed

Where do I Start I’ve had pain in my feet for about 6 years and find it hard to walk I have also had loss of balance about 4 or 5 times a week the doctor sent me to a rheumatologist and I jumped all them hoops and because he could not find anything he come up with you have chronic pain syndrome, So each time I go to the doctors with something he puts it down to chronic pain syndrome.

About a year and a half ago I got a shaky head. i don’t know I’m doing it happens when at rest or reading or watching tv. I live with my parents so mum saw it first she says Stop shaking your head you look like a nodding dog. I also have a cotton wool head if that makes sense however this is not all the time good days bad days. My legs also go into spasms and I fill fatigue as well oh and not to for get the cold feet.

The doctor sent me to a neurologist who asked lot of questions said I have a heavy gate and told me not to worry if anything changes to go back. That was back in feb of this year since then the shakes have now gone into my left hand and the stiffness in my legs have got worse. I like to ride my bike but this is getting harder for me to do as I am riding it in the easier of gears now and it fills like the hardest.

I went back to the doctor this time with mum (big back up lol) and I now have an appointment with the neurologist on the 2nd of November

The doctor wont say what he thinks it is but gives me one of them looks to say get your self ready for bad news.
I think a lot of people here will agree that getting the diagnosis althiugh awful, is better than knowing somethings wrong but not what. Once you have a name for it you can start to make your plan of campaign to manage it.
Very best wishes...lots of support and advice here.
Hello and Welcome to the forum,

Just to say I hope you get some answers soon and hopefully you will be able to start taking medication for whatever they diagnose and it will help relieve some of the symptoms.

Thinking of you
hiya welcome to puk forum,i do hope you get a answer wot your condition is,being tossed around drs with differnt answers can be a massive frustrating problem,lets hope it all gets sorted out very soon.please keep in touch with us all ,we all be here for surport for you:smile:
Welcome! Some GPs are more aware of PD than others. Some symptoms of PD could be due to other causes so its important to get a correct diagnosis. Lets hope they come up with something on your next appointment.