i m a new member. Diagnosed 1 year ago. 56 yrs, Im a physician, brilliant career going on. PD disrupted my life. I decided to join to share my feelings.
Some tips about slowliness and difficulty in doing simple tasks like wearing, putting on shoes. TRY to use confortable shoes, soft,light, no heels, avoid blouse with buttons, trousers with hard zips.
since few months Im only use Tshirts, short or long sleaves, pullover vith zip in cotton or cachemire, loosing trousers with elastic, and a lot of skirts. The choice of softer materials makes my daily life easier.
Welcome Dunia
It must be interesting to be a physician turned patient. I hope that your profession is a help to you in dealing with PD.
I trust you will find as much help and support from the forumites as I have.

elegant fowl
Hello there. I hope you find some tips here you can use in your day to day life. Are you still working?