Hi my husband was diagnosed in November after a DAT Scan. Still trying to come to terms with it. At the moment he suffers from tremor in his hands but have found the help and advice on here very helpful. He has had the tremor for about two years now but it was only when he had operations on his neck and lower back that we were advised to see a nuerologist. Has had his licence revoked from the DVLA which I have put a thread on Daily Life and would welcome your experiences with the same. I don't drive very much but have had to become the main driver which is very upsetting for us both. Look forward to meeting some of you on the forums :)
Hi Visionvalue... (got to be a good reason for that name!)...

So sorry you find yourself part of the PD thing now - but you've come to the right place - lots of info, advice, empathy and genuine friendship..

Coming to terms is one of the hardest parts (... if you ever really do).. You will see from other folk it is a common 'difficulty' - but in reading others comments you realise you're not alone..and, of course, you, looking after your hubby, also need some help and encouragement in order to help him.. I, too, have a lovely wife and family who seem instinctively to know when to ask how I am.. but equally when to just leave me to come out of it myself.. As John Sentamu said the other day, albeit in a more general context, it's what the "I will" response to your marriage vows can ultimately mean!!

Do, if it's appropriate, welcome your hubby to our club.. and if he, or especially you, want to ask, share, cry on a shoulder, or 'shout' at somebody, you can come and do it here and everybody will understand and be there for you... bursardavid.
About the driving - my father pd sufferer kept driving -telling me he was coping,until one day he phoned me at work and was crying.
He nearly knocked a child over and got out of the car immeadiately,I had to collect car and take it home.
That day he gave up driving for good !!!!!
hi visernvalue,welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 years im 42 years old,lots of nice people to make friends with here on puk,and very good surport for you and ur hubby ,as well:smile:bein told u have pd,we all take in different ways,me self i fell apart.but someothers deal with it beter.i think the best is for family close to you to try and understand the disease as good as possible and give one another as much comfort as u can.you have done the rite thing by comin her on puk forum to look for information ,as i said im 11 years in to bein dx,and still learnin all the time,speacilly to do with resurch.i will go on to the other thread and make my comment on there about drivin to you visernvlaue,in the mean time,i wish u look,and be lovley to see more of you around the forum x:smile:
Thanks for your replies. It is hard coming to terms with it seem to have had a lot of things all coming to a head this last few months so it's nice to meet people who understand what you are going through.
As for driving hubby would be the first one to hand the keys over when he thought he couldn't drive but we have been to see our nuerologist who is happy to support us now tablets have changed etc and cannot see any reason why they revoked it in the first place as he showed us the forms he submitted and there was nothing to suggest hubby was a danger to anyone whilst driving. So we shall wait and see.
At the moment he only suffers with a tremor and can only wait and see how the disease itself will progress as you well know two people do not suffer with the same symptoms.
We have had great support from Occupational therapy social service and the doctors just waiting to see the PD nurse but as he is not on any tablets for PD it may be a while.
Nice to meet you all and look forward to meeting you on the boards in the future :)