I have been a lurking reader for about a year now, diagnosed for about 18 months, decided it is time to join in properly, so hello it's me.:grin:
Hi Mosie and welcome,

Hope your well and managing your PD ok.

Take Care!

Welcome Mosie
I hope you find the forum as supportive as I do.

Elegant Fowl
Welcome Mosie :)
Hi there. tell us something about yourself!! Are you doing ok with your PD?
hello spam. My main problem is cramped up toes on my left foot. I am taking Ropinirole, 6mg aday slow release. I can stretch and flex my toes when relaxing but as soon as I start to walk they cramp up. In the summer I can wear sandals or soft canvas shoes, but as the weather gets wetter and colder I have only one pair of soft suede boots that don't take the skin off my toes.

I have wildly erratic sleep patterns, but I live on my own so I just get up, push a dvd in the machine and it doesn't disturb anyone.
Hi Mosie
I had the toes thing, but not for years now, but cant remember when it stopped but it did.
Hello Mosie
My tremor is on my left side and I also get the cramp sensation going on in my left foot and toes, painful!
Hi Mosie
I was dx last year and have the toe curling thing on my left foot
all my probs are on the left side I also have vivid dreams and lash out
witch scares the hell out off my poor o/h
All the best Adrian
hello craa

you say you got rid of the toe thing---- did it go of it's own accord or was it when you changed meds?

someone gave me a toe massage a few weeks back, it was bliss while she did it, she pulled my toes out to their normal length, but as soon as I stood and walked across the room it was back to scrunchies again.
I find the cramps are helped by large doses of calcium with magnesium; available from health food shops:smile: