Am 47, diagnosed 4 years ago. Briefly joined forum earlier this year but missed the meet and greet. When first diagnosed I thought that some PD people got a bit precious about when they took tablets, food they ate etc. I decided my life was not going to revolve around all that. I seem to remember saying the same thing about having kids but then reality happens. This year I have had to get on the 4 hourly treadmill. ( Having an empty stomach before taking the Stelevo, waiting to eat again, not eating dairy products within 2 hours of it, cautious with the protein) Then there is the timing of tablets so that I can do the things such as important meetings. I have found that this all makes a huge difference.
Trouble is for how long.
Hello Nylex

Glad you are back on the forum, there is a lot of friendship and support here.
I am still able to be more casual with meds, mine are slow release and I am hoping I can stick with them.
hiya welcome to the forum,im ali,i been dx for 11 years now:smile:cus of the lengh of time ive had pd ,i now have to rely on on my meds,rite times,and not screw up,i have carers now that come in ,so no mistakes happin ,with in therory.i found i have to eat high fibre diet now,cus of amout of meds im on i get constipated alot,even though im on all the stuff gp can give me to make me go:rolling_eyes:i find i have to watch the amount of protien i take in also.with me it gettin worse,i will be honest with u ,no point tellin a porky to make people think other wise.but i will say we are all different and u mite have the probs i get with food or meds,i wish u luck,keep goin ,keep positive ,thats the key to the disease,and i see u round the forum x:smile:
Welcome to Forum again. I am 62 diagnosed at 57 (had symptoms before that). I am on Mirapex and Madopar and am trying to take medication at right times so far as poss.