Hi my grandad has parkinsons, and i look after him quite a lot. He is 80 and is quite advanced, he is still able to walk slightly and talk slightly, but he gets very confused. He is recently widowed as well so he is struggling to cope. I have joined this community for any advice that people can give me. Thankyou :)
Hello Carergranchild,

Welcome to the forum where you will get help and support from many people, please just post any questions or worries you may have there will always be someone that can help.
Are you the only carer for your granddad? See if you have a PDUK support worker in your area as they will be able to help and advise you where you can get assistance for coping, such as referring you to an Occupational therapists who will come in and assess him, they can also put you in touch with several other organisations to support you both. If you are not in work and his main carer you may be entitled to a carer's allowance and assessment in your own right, does he get attendance allowance?
I hope that is helpful to start with but please do post again with any queries.
best wishes
hi carergrandchild,weclcome to puk forum,im ali im 43 years old and had pd for 11 half years.lots of surport here on the forum and good friends to be made.i hope you have other care givers helping you with your grandad,it is a awful lot to take on your self,so much help out there for yourself,and grandad.any questions you would like to no please dont hesitate to ask,puk help line here for you to,with very experencied advice to help guide you,good luck x:smile: