Help for Father and Mother

Hello All,

I am writing here for my Father who has been a suffer for the last 5 years he is currently in his 70's and does not recieve any benefit's other than his Pension Credits. My mother who is also a retired house wife is his full time carer and does not recieve any benefit's. over the last year my father's mobility has got worse and it is almost impossible to take him to any hospitable appointments on public transport as he get's tired very quickly. I have been taking him to almost all the appointments by car but would like him to have a Blue badge so we can park near to the hospital and a Disabled Bay outside my mother's home for his ease of access

If anyone can please tell me where to start as i believe it is long overdue and my parent's do need help


Thank you

Hello Zayn, sorry to hear of your Father's condition. Two places to start are the UK helpline (number at the top of every page) and your local Citizen's Advice bureau. A good CA will be able to help you wth all aspects - money, how to get a blue badge, what assessments and support your dad's entitled to.

Do let us know how you get on, and the best to your parents


Hello Zayn

You can find the answers you need on the internet.  Put Blue badge into your search engine and use the government web page to see the eligibility and application form.

As a retired person your father could apply for attendance allowance and the application form can be found via your search engine.

Because your mother is retired she is not eligible for carer`s allowance.

Best wishes to you and your parents