Helping a confused friend PWP


Ive been visiting a PWP who has had PD for 12 years.I met him about 4 years agoand he was still driving allow he had significant dyskinsia.I later saw him in a NH and been suffering from hallucinations which bothered him.He has declined considerably some days he seems much better.Confusion is his worst problem now as he gets around fairly well

I know he is taking alot of C/L about 1700 a day now along with a few others.No mention of comtan to help reduce his high C/L load.Nor will his doctor move him to rytary whic might help the mental sideffects.

I know from personal experience doctors can be incompetent especially drug regimen .I did suggest he take me to his next doctor visit.

Im a firm believer PD spares the mind as long as we mind our drug protocols

Thanks for listening


Aye aye John excuse me but what is CL .hilucanations must be the worst I have heard of them but thankfully never had them . Yes I do believe your right Drs are not always right please be there for your  friend at the appointments