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Really encouraging to see so many positive responses to this news, we're really excited! 

On the matter of privacy, Island Mike is right, some parts of the forum are private and you can share information freely without Google pulling the discussions in to search. 

We do advise all members not to share private information in any area of the forum though, especially if you're not comfortable with your information being shared or searchable. The new forum will still have private areas for you to talk openly if you wish to. 




What the hell's going on?


My lips are trembling.............



As an American and  PD caregiver for my wife these last 17 years , I would often write news related to Parkinson's events ,research and how we are coping in a large city .

That blog run by a man I only know as John was called Parkinson's UK (PDUK) and it was lively with many people writing each other even sharing photo's ,I also met several UK PDUK forum members attending our annual PD Walk for the Cure in Central Park near where we live.

Sadly this forum seems to not have that verve and friendship and amount of folks writing about their Parkinson's or concerns for family members ,let alons as heretofore at PDUK sharing researc articles from the world wide press and yes autobiographical stories. We could even attach photo's with ease related to PD or family coping.

"PDUK" was cancelled some years ago as it was a money drainer on it's moderator- host who was gracious but himself did not have PD but another health issue just as serious brain disease and

I am hoping as well as when thinking of changes ,that we can be more friendly to each other and share a vastly more communication of how we all cope with PD ,the little tricks of better living that many of us pick up in PD support groups and from PD health professionals and the occasional photo's of triumphant events despite PD in our world.

Just my opinion however and not a criticism,





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Hope all is well.

You seem to be a little confused about the software changes to the forum. Is there anything that I can help you with? 

I'm happy to help with any queries or concerns that you might have.

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Sounds good.