well after alot of thought decieded to join the forum i suppose for support and information!!(also bear with me at not good at spelling either..lol)
i have been with my boyfriend now for a while im very happy and yes in love with him he has pd...i find that everything he goes though is fine by me as its a part of him.. but what i do find annoying( well not really) is that he is a very indenpent young man... sometimes i find it hard just to stand by and not do anything as he wont let me help when i see he really does need it!! also his house is very cold as his boiler has packeted up yet again and he cant afford to get it meanded.. so when the weather has been really cold he is relying on a gas fire in the front room which im sure is unfit and not working proper as its more blue flame then orange and im sure i can smell fumes i know he is a proud man but is there any help he can get???(because i will bug him till this is sorted) any information will be greatly recieved!!
Welcome to the forum, Nuttyslob! You will be glad you joined, because there are lots of wonderful, knowledgeable people here who can offer excellent advice when you request it. Regarding the heating problem, I am totally ignorant and therefore say nothing except that it sounds serious enough that you should keep working with your boyfriend to solve that problem.

But I am more familiar with the issue of helping or not helping a PWP. The way this disease takes away our ability to do things is highly frustrating to us. (I've had PD for 15 years.) We really want to do everything ourselves, because we still feel that we CAN do it all. Sometimes it's best to exercise patience; given time, we can often finish what we're trying to do, and then we feel better about ourselves. But sometimes we do need help. Because your boyfriend has a strong sense of independence, he may never ask for your assistance. If he really cannot succeed at a task, try asking first if you might help. He'll know you are there and ready to help any time he can overcome his pride or stubborn independence. (It's difficult for us to do that.) You sound loyal and loving. He's a lucky guy!
Sounds like you need a gas fitter not a neurologist.

Try FABRIGAS and a FLAMINI boiler.

In the interim get British Gas out to look at the fire.

I am sure once bf is warmed up he will improve.
thanks for your replys!! will have to start kicking myself up the arse i think lol when it comes to me being over careing(well be less wanting to help)i,ll just let him get on with it as i know in my heart when he needs me and does,nt need me
Hi Nuttyslob,

Firstly, the lesser of the evils....find a CORGI approved engineer, CORGI is (The Council For Registered Gas Installers) and their phone number is 01256 372300

Now, to the important part....if your partner is anything like me, I had PD since 2004 and now taking early retirement because of the disease, he definitely does love and need you but won't admit it - just yet. My wife caught the sharp verbal end of my denial way back in the early years of my path through the disease. After the waters calmed, we agreed she ask me if I wanted help with anything rather than just jumping in front of me to do whatever it was, unasked.

Foremost it's a "Guy Thing" - secondly we blame the disease.