Hi again

Hi again
I introduced myself below a couple of days ago the username 'DrTrev'. I originally applied to the forum as plain 'Trev', but the system appeared to have rejected my application.I just received an email to say that the first one had actually been confirmed.
Anyway, I shall continue now as plain 'Trev', as any medical advice I might offer would be totally worthless (I'm not that kind of doctor!)
Thanks for those supportive responses to my first post. Have a good weeeekend!
hiya trev,welcome back to you agin :smile::smile:i meself thought u was some sort of dr,cus thats wot it looked like,but i understand wots happined,and thanks for lettin us all no:smile:be nice to see u around the forum ,as u no already good surport.:smile:
Hiya Trev welcome back - hope you enjoy time here the locals are friendly and helpful in my experience :grin:
Hi Trev I cxxxed up when I joined the forum and ended up with my name (old car) I thought was my password Der
Its not important The thing is your here among pd friends:grin:
welcome Adrian
This is really to introduce myself. I couldn't see how to leave a message except as a "reply". Sorry to use you as a vehicle to get my say Trev. I expect I'll get the hang of it.
I'm a bit bewildered, also, to have had my password changed; I spent some time puzzling over why I couldn't log in only to find an email giving me a new, totally irrelevant, password.

I don't wast to bore you with w long detailed C.V I'm an artist, well I try to be. and a teacher of painting.I'm lucky that I don't have a tremor at least if i do the drugs are doing a good job.I guess it may yet develop in which case I shall have to revise my painting technique.

Have a nice Sunday, No snow yet in the West country!

Granny Smith
Hi Granny Smith, I'm glad I'm not the only one who got rather confused about how to get started on here, not very user friendly, I thought I was fairly computer literate. Anyway, pleased to meet you.