Hi everyone

Is it me, or is it the pd that stops me sleeping? It's so lonely being the only one in the house to be wide awake most nights with no one to talk to except myself. And i think for me it's dangerous territory! I think about things and end up magnifying things out of all proportion , and then end up in a row situation with the one person I love most, my partner. :disappointed:If only there was a nighttime place to chat to other pd people?:disappointed:
Hello Puddley and welcome.

You are certainly not the only "night owl". I believe that insomnia is a very common symtpom of pd. I agree that it is a dangerous time to be in. I tend to have the radio on or do a crossword, to keep my mind off things (pd things!) There is a thread in the Social Section called "Badgers Retreat" which was specifically set up for those who want to "chat" in the wee small hours. It is not exactly a chat room, but it is there as a place for those awake when they would prefer to be asleep. I will try to resurrect it for you

If all else fails, you might consider asking your GP for a sleep aid ? Some GP's are happy to prescribe, some are not. Equally some people prefer not to go down this route.

Believe me, you are not alone in your night time terrors.

I wish you all the best

Hi Puddley. I was diagnosed one year ago and one of my first symptoms was either vivid dreams or waking in the night. Now I am retired this is not the problem it was as it does not matter too much if I am like zombie the rest of the day.

The Parkinsons Society do a leaflet on this problem. Like you, I would not like to go down the "yet more tablet" route. Sometimes I find counting backwards from 200 helps.
Hi Puddley,

I know what you mean, everything seems so much worse in the middle of the night, I only sleep for about an hour at a time. I think because my meds have worn off and I'm so uncomfortable,I wake up rigid and barely able to move, I panic and make superhuman efforts to get out of bed, because I feel that if I don't move there and then I never will. About the only thing I seem able to do when I'm like that is to put my headphones on and listen to the music that I love.

One of the tablets that I take is a slow release version of Madopar and the doctor that I saw a few days ago advised me to take one at bedtime if I felt I needed it, I've tried that a couple of nights and it has helped a bit but still tends to have worn off before I get up in the morning.

Anyway, Puddley I hope you can find something that helps you. In the meanwhile, you are definitely not alone.

Thanks, all of you. Yes things def seem to get magnified in the middle of the night! ( I have two slow release madopar at bedtime and have found they help with my shakes and jerks, usuall, but not the insomnia.)
I can't watch the telly in the night incase I disturb the rest of the family. I've tried the music but that seems to concentrate my mind on the stupid thoughts.
My nice consultant always greets me with, "come in, let's have a sherry!" it's our joke but it is also his serious suggestion for my insomnia. I've tried it even though I don't like the taste of alcohol and it leaves me feeling like a zombie the next day! I don't like the idea of sleeping pills yet, I might need them more later on. So, I guess I'll just have to get on with it,

Yes a night time sort of chat spot would be great., at least with the forum we can press the off button when we've heard enough of each other's moans and groans.
I'm really glad I've joined the forum at last, it's good to know that there are lots of us in the same club!!!! I have felt very alone till now. The only people who can truly appreciate how it feels to on the receiving end of pd are people who also have it.:stuck_out_tongue:
I think most of the Parkinsonians suffer in this way . My husband would wake me and ask to hold him tight . He just couldn't get unwanted thought out of his head . Although only half awake myself I would get him to sing a song , also start him doing deep breathing exercise s .. He is now on Sinemet Cr and Amitriptyline which has help him