Hi guys and gals

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with pd in April of this year needless to say it came as a terrible shock. I started on Azilect in July but didn't feel any different, not sure if I should have done? and then in September on Requip XL. I am now up to a dose of 14mg per day and feel that is very high for so early into the illness,I'm 57yrs old so have a long way to go with it. But to be honest even at this high dose I still don't feel any relief from my pd symptoms, In fact the only thing I have felt is the sickness and dizziness. Am I just expecting too much too early? I have always been a fighter and have great support from my partner and family but I really thought I would be on top of things by now. I would value any advise from anyone out there.
hiya beeny welcome to puk,im ali i been dx for 11 years im 42 years ol,there is good surport on here and good freinds to make:smile:im not on the drugs ur on beeny so it hard for me to judge them,but all i can say is the side effect of sickness etc,will were off,and with me the drugs i on mirpexon and sinemet,it does take a while to get in systom,everyone is different,but if u feel no change by the time u see ur neuro next i would mention it to him,and he will guide u:smile:its good that you have a lovin family around you,and things will get beter acceptin things ,it took me a while,but agin we all cope in different ways,have u got a pd nurse? if not there is nurses on puk,number at top of the forum on the left,i hope to see more of you around the forum ,pop in to social club as well,have a bit of fun with the quizzes as well,it helps the mind and to gain freinds and more surport x:smile:
Hi,Ali J
Thanks for replying, I am seeing consultant tomorrow and made a few notes to bring up (i got head like a siv) At the moment I don't feel up to going out alone and I need to try and get over this cos still so many things I want to do. And even when I'm with someone can only manage half an hour or so, I have always been such a strong minded person and finding It hard to give in to this thing.
I am sure its just a matter of getting the right drugs at the right dose but it seems to be taking so long, but then I was never known for my patience. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow If that's ok? Don't want to be a pain but it helps a lot to talk to people.

Hiya Beeny welcome I am 54yrs and DX 4yrs ago started on the same meds as you 12months ago, now on 16mg per day doesn't stop symptoms but does tone them down an I can live with that. They did make me sick and dizzy to begin with and I lost 2 stone! but they prescribed me Domperidone twice a day which controls nausea so fighting fit now :laughing: and got my boyish figure back to boot! so not all bad. Chat to your PD nurse and Consultant feeling sick all the time is rubbish. Keep your pecker up and look after yourself.
Hi BJS just had to reply to you -I am 54 and dx in March ,Started on Ripinerole and now on 10 mgs slow release daily with Madopar three times a day --I too am not sure about the benefit as I still have tremor ,cramps and occasional sickness--then I remember how I was last March --walking like a very old woman with severe pain in my hip ,up 3 and 4 times a night with cramp --I find a diary helpful.I have a good neurologist (I think !) who seems to second guess that I need reviewed --she contacted me today to arrange a review .Good idea to write things down as hard to remember everything you want to discuss when in room.Good luck with appointment .:grin:
ooops reply was for Beeny as well :confused: