Hi Im new to the forum

Hello Amelia, I just wanted to say please don’t be too hard on yourself about what you think and feel about what’s happening to you. Maybe you could be seen as being a bit in denial, maybe some would say your feelings are irrational, maybe you are ashamed to admit to having PD, all of that may even be true. Truth is real or not it is the way you are reacting, it is your way and that’s ok. I suspect and I would stress it is only my personal opinion, there’s an element of your brain going into protective mode if you like only letting you think up to a point to prevent your being overwhelmed. It is a complicated and complex condition which delights in taking every opportunity to trip you up, the only consistency about it it seems to me is its inconsistency. You will find you will become used to this and develop strategies of one sort or another but whatever you think and feel is legitimate there are no could and should. It is not always easy, to an extent you have to grieve for a life gone and replaced by one on shifting sand foundations. Not easy but not impossible. Seems to me you are working through things as best you can. That’s all you or any of us can do. Your thinking, feelings or whatever will evolve over time at your pace, I think that is happening to you and ì think you will be fine. I wish you well.

Hi everyone,
I got Parkinson’s in the second half of 2016 but was not diagnosed properly until halfway thru 2017 I live in Houston where there is an awesome medical center and I go to a “motion disorder specialist” now. She put me on Neupro patches and Sinemet and I am doing well at the moment. By the way, the reason I joined your forum is because I was randomly searching thru PD forums and noticed that someone was recommending your forum to someone else with PD because yours is “very active and easy to use”, so I decided to join. Hopefully you don’t mind having a Texan on here :slightly_smiling_face:. I am 68 years old and have been married 46 years. My wife and I have 2 grown children who provided us with 7 grandhildren. I retired from being a petroleum engineer at the end of last year.

Although I am new to PD I hope to be able to maybe provide someone with a helpful comment or two as well as getting answers to my questions about this nasty condition.
Al S

Hello Al_S,

A warm welcome to the forum!
We’re glad to hear that you’re doing well at the moment and hope the forum provides you with more insight and a friendly community.

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@Al_S Every one from all walks of life and country are most welcome on this Forum, we have got people from Australia who contribute so you will never be short of someone to talk to about this subject. As @Moderators2 Elan has pointed out, we are a friendly and most importantly, helpful bunch of people on here and will try to answer as many of your questions as we can, if not, then the Moderators step in and give you pointers as to where you may find the answers, hope this helps and that you continue to enjoy the Forum.



Amelia. I can only say how sorrry I am. I guess from your use of the term staff room you too are a teacher.Angry is norml, and in my case long lasting, PD has been resonsible for the breakdaown in relationships, an inability to work, early retirement…but it is what it is.