Hi to all

Just wanted to say hi, its my first day using this forum and web site and its been very helpful.

I think I'm still in shock from being told but every one I have spoke to has been very helpful :cry:

Hi Steve,

Welcome to you,:smile:I've only been here a few days myself, everyone has been very friendly and helpful. I was dx just over three years ago, it's a bit of a shock isn't it? The sort of thing you think only happens to other people. Hope you find this forum helpful, might see you around, in the social section perhaps, take care.

Thanks Leogir

Hi Steve...

.. good to welcome you to the Forum - honestly, you've come to the right place for
both friendship and support.. and lots of info and encouragement..

You mention the difficulty coming to terms with your diagnosis... and you will see from folk who reply to you, and other posts, that probably that's one of the most difficult bits about learning you have, and living with, PD.. I was dx in Jan'y last year and at first was euphoric 'cos I'd actually found out what had been making me feel so wretched for a while then - but, 48 hours later!? A year on I'm getting there (and I shouldn't complain 'cos some of these other guys and girls are in a totally different place from me)but some days I'll be laying in bed first thing thinking "I feel o.k... perhaps it's going to be a good day".. and then you get up and it all falls down round your ears..

I'm not being a prophet of doom... but hopefully saying what you feel so you won't feel so alone.. but what I do try and do is (i) exercise and (ii) celebrate the things I can do.. especially those things that because you've 'forgotten to fret' for a while, come as a really pleasant surprise..

So sorry in one way that you've joined the ranks... but participating is therapeutic and you make some genuine friends... so, again, welcome and hope to speak again soon... bursardavid.
HI Steve the shock is huge allow it its healthy! but dont get stuck your still the person you were before dx my neuro said to me look its not gonna kill you but its goona complicate your life.

Got that right but 4yrs on still have love life an happiness! Its quite possible you will hear this a lot cos it's true exercise and a positive attiude really help!

Welcome were a dysfunctional family but we are family an you will always find support.

Me 54yrs dx 4 never surrender!
Hi dj Steve ad welcome. I too am new on here. My hubby was dx about three and half years ago aged 57. Our lives are so different now due to this awful disease. But you have to get up each day and just get on with things. By your name I take it you are dj.
hi Steve, hubby is 52 and dx 6th Jan this year, so this is still very new to us, some days he is ok other days he feels worse, His meds are helping him although since the dx he has slowed down, and his symptoms seem more noticable, not sure if this is because he now knows what is wrong with him.Be positive, thats how we are trying to be at the moment taking each day as it comes, He is still working too young to retire, he drives 25 miles a day to work. take care
Hi DJSteve,
Hope you find it helpful.