I have only just located this website and thought i would give it a go for any advice you can give me. My parents are in their 80's and both have Parkinsons . My father is my mums main carer and is now struggling with her and the symptoms of both hers and his own Parkinsons. The main problem is that my mum has quite severe Parkinson now and her speech is very bad. She also has a sensation in her mouth the majority of the time that she says feels like either a piece of wire, then balls in her mouth then at other times she says that her teeth have fallen out. She has had frequent visits to the dentist who says all is fine with her teeth. We are under the Parkinsons Doctors and also a Psychiatrist for all of the strange sensations but they do not appear to be able to help my mum. They have suggested distractions for her but she refuses and keeps saying it is all definitely there. This sensation is now happening very frequently throughout the day and is depressing for both my mum and dad. Has anybody else experienced this and any suggestions!!!

Hello Snowy

Welcome to the forum, I am sorry I have no answers for you regarding your mum sensations but I hope that they have both had an assessment and are getting all they help to cope with day to day life making sure that your dad gets some time off with a sitter for your mum.
Have you tried looking at the web by putting in her problems and see what comes up, it might be worth a go.
All the best to you and sorry I can't be of more help.

Hello Snowy

Was there any change to or increase in your mum's medication when these sensations started? Some of the strange things pwps suffer with are caused by the medication.

Hi Snowy, Welcome. I too have no answers regarding you're poor Mums symptoms.
I can relate to some degree. My Dad is my Mums carer, Mum has been almost completely deaf from an early age and now,can only get about with lots of help and her mobility scooter. My Dad has his own problems and for a while,thought he might have Parkinsons. This came about just after I was dxed in October 2009. Anyway, Parkinsons was ruled out and his "shakes" are down to other reasons. b.t.w. Dad shakes with both hands, if you are lucky enough to get offered a cuppa by him, when you eventually get it,you only get half a cup.
It's more than a bit of a worry when both your Parents are infirm.
By posting on this forum, tells me you care much about your folks,
I hope you get lots of good advice here.